Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Khek Dhang Ke 客堂间

1 January 2020
2020年 1月 1日

The "Khek Dhang Ke" is a long-term project platform launched by the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum, focusing on the changes of social and personal experiences in the Bund area. We will cooperate with educators, artists, scholars, architects, curators and other experts in different fields in the Bund area to form a research team, and through regular information sharing and resource exchange, we will jointly plan a series of research and public projects to gain an in-depth understanding of the Bund area. The name originates from the Shanghai dialect "Khek Dhang Ke", which means "living room". We hope to build a platform for cultural exchange, where residents and groups of the Bund community can establish close ties and enrich the perspective and ways of mutual understanding of the local.

As the starting point of the development of modern Shanghai, the Bund has experienced rich historical and social changes. It has always been regarded as a symbol of Shanghai and a tourist destination. Behind this traditional image, the Bund region is undergoing the transformation of various business forms and population mobility with the change of the times. Nowadays, the rapid expansion of network technology makes people far away from the real living environment and the surrounding groups. Anthropologist Xiang Biao once proposed "the disappearance of nearby", pointing out the current situation of the separation of the relationship between man and the environment. When life is structured by data and networks, we are gradually losing our sense of what we have experienced and what is happening around us. As an academic and public welfare professional institution in the Bund, we take it as our responsibility to collate, study and protect the cultural history and profound culture of this region. We hope to investigate and record these people and stories that have gradually disappeared in the process of urban development through a series of research and art project planning of the "Khek Dhang Ke", build a literature archive related to this area, and pay attention to ordinary people working and living in this area.

“客堂间”是由上海外滩美术馆发起,聚焦外滩区域内社会与个人经验变迁的长期项目平台。我们将联合外滩地区的教育者、艺术家、学者、建筑师、策展人等不同领域的专家,组建研究小组,通过定期的信息共享和资源互换,共同策划系列研究及公共项目,以深入了解外滩地区。“客堂间”源自上海话“Khek Dhang Ke”,为“客厅”的意思,我们希望搭建一个文化交流的平台,外滩社区的居民及团体可以在此建立亲密的联系,丰富彼此认知本地的视角和方式。外滩作为近代上海发展的起点,经历了丰富的历史和社会变迁。一直以来,它被看作是上海城市的标志,以及旅游目的地。在这种传统形象的背后,外滩区域随着时代变革发生着各种业态的转化和人口流动。如今网络技术的飞速扩张,使人们越发远离真实的生活环境和周遭群体。人类学家项飙曾提出“附近的消失”,指出人与环境之间关系的割裂现状。当生活被数据和网络架构,我们正逐渐丧失对周遭曾经历和正发生事物的感受。作为外滩地区的学术性和公益性专业机构,我们将整理、研究和保护这一区域的人文历史和深厚文化作为自己的责任。我们希望通过“客堂间”的系列研究及艺术项目策划,考察并记录这些逐渐消失在城市发展进程中的人群和故事,构建与该区域相关的文献档案,关注在这个区域内工作生活的普通人。

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