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Sound Fragments 滞域发布

Event Information

Date: 15 October 2022
Time: 07:00 09:00
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: 孙奇芳,徐捷
Language: Chinese


日期: 2022年 10月 15日
时间: 07:00 09:00
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
主讲人: Sun Qifang, Xu Jie
语言: 中文

About the Event 关于活动

Centered on Rockbund Art Museum, sound artist Sun Qifangwill lead a group of people to collect sounds of different environments and time periods within a 30-minute walk around. Sun Qifang will take people to listen to the roads and environment here, especially the "background music" that happens all the time but is often ignored. And Xu Jie will share the environment in which these sounds occur, recorded by his camera. Finishing the sound collecting, the audience will share and communicate under the leadership of the artists. And after the workshop, the artists will do some artistic creations based on this.

以上海外滩美术馆为中心,声音艺术家孙奇芳将带领观众在步行30分钟的距离内收集不同环境和时间段的声音,从声音的角度重新进入了城市和我们生活的区域。探索附近的道路和环境,尤其是时常发生却常常被忽视的“背景音乐”。摄影师徐捷则将用他的相机记录并分享这些声音发生的环境。 收集完成后,观众会在艺术家的带领下进行分享与交流,工作坊结束后艺术家将在此基础上进行创作。

About the Instructor 关于导师

Sun Qifang
music composer/arranger/recording artist(China). Sun Qifang graduated from Composition Technique and Theory Major at the Minzu University of China. He has worked on more than 20 works such as The Road to Revival and The Legend of Wood Carving and held a composition concert in 2012. In 2015, he co-founded the “Microspace Inception Program”. He started the “Sound Fragments” art project in 2020, focusing on the local and interdisciplinary cross-media art practices of music.

Xu Jie
Photographer. Born in Shanghai, he studied Dramatic Literature at the High School Affiliated to Shanghai Theatre Academy, and later graduated from Tongji University. He once served as a senior project director of the Education and Cultural and Creative Industry Branch of the China Education Association for International Exchange. Xu Jie has long been concerned with art projects planning and exchanges. He especially focuses on local and individual narratives.



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