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Khek Dhang Ke 客堂间

Old stories that you don’t know around Suzhou Creek 苏河南岸往事

Event Information

Date: 20 June 2021
Time: 08:00 09:30
Venue: RAM Station
Speaker: Auntie Kong, Xu Ming
Language: Chinese


日期: 2021年 6月 20日
时间: 08:00 09:30
场馆: RAM空间站
主讲人: 孔阿姨、徐明
语言: 中文

About the Event 关于活动

Old stories that you don’t know around Suzhou Creek
Old stories that you don’t know around Suzhou Creek

Launched by RAM, “Khek Dhang Ke” is a long-term platform with a focus on the vicissitudes of the communities and locals in the Bund area. In collaboration with educators, artists, scholars, architects and curators of various backgrounds, we have set up a series of research to delve into the Bund area through regular info exchanges, resource sharing and co-organized public programmes. Derived from local Shanghainese dialect, “Khet Dhang Ke” means the “living room”. Through the establishment of such a platform for cultural exchanges, we hope to foster intimate connections among residents and local groups of communities in the Bund area to enhance and enrich mutual understanding and communication.

As a starting point in the development of modern Shanghai, the Bund has remained an important witness to the vicissitudes of this city. It has always been recognized as a landmark and popular tourist destination of Shanghai. However, we seek to locate what lies behind this dichotomous locality of traditional European buildings and the transformation effected by commercial development and massive population shift caused by the changes of time. Today with the rapid pace of internet technology, people are becoming increasingly distanced from the environment they live in as well as the people around them. Anthropologist Xiang Biao proposed the notion of the “vanishing vicinity”, pointing out the widening gap between people and their surrounding environment. While life becomes increasingly constructed by data and network, we are gradually detached from what was and is actually happening around us. As a non-profit academic institution located on the Bund, we are committed to archive, research and preserve the history and culture of the region. Through the research and programmes of “Khek Dhang Ke”, we want to establish records of the local people and stories in the area that are fading away with the process of urban development. We plan to build an archive pertinent to this area by paying close attention to the people living and working in our vicinity.

“客堂间”是由上海外滩美术馆发起,聚焦外滩区域内社会与个人经验变迁的长期项目平台。我们将联合外滩地区的教育者、艺术家、学者、建筑师、策展人等不同领域的专家,组建研究小组,通过定期的信息共享和资源互换,共同策划系列研究及公共项目,以深入了解外滩地区。“客堂间”源自上海话“Khek Dhang Ke”,为“客厅”的意思,我们希望搭建一个文化交流的平台,外滩社区的居民及团体可以在此建立亲密的联系,丰富彼此认知本地的视角和方式。


100 Years of The Bund in KhekDhangKe 客堂间里的外滩百年

KheK Dhang Ke 客堂间