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Khek Dhang Ke 客堂间

Shen Qi Xian Xing 从美术馆到天桥边

Event Information

Date: 29 October 2022
Time: 12:00 13:30
Venue: 1F, MeiFeng Building


日期: 2022年 10月 29日
时间: 12:00 13:30
场馆: 众安•美丰大楼 1楼

About the Event 关于活动

Over the last two years, as we have travelled between the museum and the surrounding streets in our participation in RAM's inter-parlor projects, we have come to understand the difference in language used and the energy density between striking up conversations in the alleyways and talking to people on the street, walking quietly through the demolished alleyways and lazily wandering down Hong Kong Road, watching people pass by in the afternoon by the Su River and watching them in the evening at the museum. The difference between the language used and the difference in energy density between people.

Music is also like speech; some words are spoken in a straightforward, intimate manner and feel close to the person; others are spoken in a somewhat obscure manner, or are self-referential or even phrases that circulate in the mind and seem distant from the person.

Under the flyover, it lends itself to the kind of music that is commonplace and straightforward with people; it's a good way to quickly catch and invite unfamiliar passers-by to join in the music in a noisy city; you can't touch the strings lightly and mumble, you have to make music that is denser than the density around you to make it work. And in an art gallery, where the message of others other than the work being displayed is absolutely giving way to thinness, this is where you can make music that is subtle, obscure and allows people to stop and savour it.

Intimate and straightforward music & abstract music

Intimate, straightforward music can describe an up-close and personal acquaintance with a neighbourhood alderman, a street character, while abstract music might be a lingering sense of reincarnation in the area, a breathless fatalism between buzz and cool.

This is the 'recipe' for mastering the distance between the listener and the music through the application of musical 'density'.

"Through this performance, Divine Air Now wants to express the experience of the project "The Parlour" in the same venue with two seemingly different kinds of music, you can be in the museum and by the flyover at the same time. This performance will also include new members, and is an experiment with a small band line-up.

Tracklist: 1~5 New Songs from God's Air; 6. Full Moon and Good Flowers (Huqiu Songbook) 7. Susanna (Huqiu Songbook) 8. Little Sister Gives You a Lesson (RAM Highlights 2019) 9. Little Female Employee / Female Man (RAM Highlights 2019) 10. Seeing Tricks (Wrecking Chan Awareness) 11. What He Said Reminds Me of the Genus (Wrecking Chan Awareness) 12. Most Gentle Water Ghost (Walk Along the Su River)




  • 亲切直白的音乐 & 抽象的音乐




曲目单:1~5 神炁新曲;6.月圆花好(虎丘歌本)7.苏珊娜(虎丘歌本)8.小姐姐给你上堂课(RAM Highlights2019)9.女小员工/女汉子(RAM Highlights2019)10.见招拆招(肆陈相识)11.他说的让我想起属的问题(肆陈相识)12.最温柔的水鬼(沿苏河漫步)

About the Performers 关于表演团体

If the numerical world is likened to a blood vessel, then the "air", the energy that travels through the universe and the human body, is hot, flowing blood. "The Divine Air in Form"
The group is led by independent musician, theatre practitioner and artiste Sun Dahui. "The group reaches out to the community and discusses the definition of "inspiration", its acquisition and operation mechanism with every person they come into contact with, discovering how human "knowledge" can be transformed and presented into artworks through mathematical and theoretical methods. We will also explore the possibility of the folkloric "small fortune" of "people going crazy" to be transformed into a "grand art".


是由独立音乐人、剧场实践者、艺术工作者孙大肆所带领的艺术团体。“神炁现形” 深入社区,与接触到的每位有缘人探讨 “灵感”的定义与获得、运作机制,发掘人的“悉”如何通过数理的方法转化、呈现成艺术作品,探讨“人来疯”这种民间“小确幸” 登入艺术“大雅之堂”的可能。

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