Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Curtain 帘幕

15 May 2021 – 25 May 2021
2021年 5月 15日 – 2021年 5月 25日

Presented across two venues in Hong Kong, the exhibition includes existing and newly commissioned works as well as site-specific interventions by 24 artists, offering a multi-layered experience that responds to the fluid concept of ‘curtain’. The exhibition makes artistic and conceptual references to passages, frontiers, separations, connections, occupations, circulations, and localities by drawing upon the mundane materiality of the curtain as a domestic object and its scenographic functions in various cultural contexts, and exploring its qualities of porosity and opacity and its contemporary adaptations in electronic devices. Conceived as a framework to disrupt our usual habits of consuming visual culture, the exhibition also activates the viewer’s senses through acts of crawling into, lifting, peeking through, being guided by smell and sound, or that of reading, writing, and feeling a space.

Many artworks in the exhibition subtly unveil forgotten histories and raise critical questions in the age of surveillance by examining the production of the image and its instrumentalization in social media, science, art, and political regimes as seen in newspapers and photographic documents. In addition to exploring issues related to the visible and invisible in technology platforms and social structures today, other works look at smaller-scale ecologies and cultures on the periphery of the mainstream, attempting to understand the interdependence of different localities and the importance of transnational exchange from overlooked perspectives. In yet other artworks, “curtain” not only serves as the physical partition in the exhibition space, but expands into the discussion of technology and the boundary of the screen. As people become more dependent on digital devices, the relationship between humanity and the world has also experienced a major shift, with digital devices becoming the main means for humans to learn about the world and themselves. Many of the works also focus on the performative dynamic between individual and collective forms of identity, and deepen the inquiry into how humanity perceives and differentiates the Other from oneself. For the practitioners featured in Curtain, each work represents a retracing of memories or a path beyond the future, with the anticipation to influence informational infrastructures that govern or haunt a post-COVID-19 pandemic world.

Due to the pandemic situation and social distancing safety measures, other performative and collective learning events will be planned for a post-pandemic future. As a continuation of the CURTAIN project, Club Mimosa Symposia, a gathering of convergent interests and partners in the value of thinking about art, will take place in Singapore in February 2022.




Artwork 作品

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About CURTAIN 关于幕帘

In Short, Future Now(换名字) 近快,未来