Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Curatorial Practices in Asia 亚洲策展实践

In 2018, Rockbund Art Museum initiated the long-term research platform Curatorial Practices in Asia (CPA). The platform aims to establish a broad network of relationships across Asia, bringing together artists, scholars, art institutions, independent curators, and researchers. It is committed to (re)discovering, organizing, shaping, and enhancing the visibility of the history of curatorial practices in contemporary Asia. Its mission includes exploring new possibilities in curatorial practice, providing long-term support for research projects led by Asian art professionals, and strengthening collaboration between curation institutions and art archives research institutions in Asia.

Every one to two years, CPA identifies diverging yet interconnected research topics. Departing from the study of curatorial histories in specific historical periods and regions, CPA explores the limitation of institutional curatorial practices, followed by a further development of practices that are not curator- or exhibition-centered. Through the process of research, reflection, and communication in the CPA project, RAM curatorial team forms unique curatorial methodology and critical awareness, which are marked by experimentality and contemplation. As a result, CPA has become an essential intellectual hub and testing ground beyond exhibition space.

上海外滩美术馆自2018年开启“亚洲策展实践”(Curatorial Practices in Asia,简称CPA)长期研究平台。该平台旨在建立围绕亚洲广泛的关系网络,网罗艺术家、学者、艺术机构、独立策展人及研究人员,并致力于(重新)发掘、梳理、塑造、提升亚洲当代艺术策展实践历史的可见性;探索及创新策展实践的各种可能性,为亚洲艺术工作者开展不同研究项目提供长期支持;以及加强亚洲展览策划机构与亚洲艺术档案研究机构间的合作。


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