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RAM Special:Sennheiser presents: The Art of Music RAM特别活动:森海塞尔特别活动——“音乐的艺术”之一

Event Information

Date: 22 June 2013 22 December 2023
Time: 11:00 11:00
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2013年 6月 22日 22 December 2023
时间: 11:00 11:00
场馆: 协进大楼1F

A Bu

Tom Lee Pettersen


RAM Special:Sennheiser presents: The Art of Music Vol.1

Performer:A Bu

Moderator:Tom Lee Pettersen

Language:English with Q&A including Chinese translation

Free admission. Please refer to the RAM website for the reservation.

Sennheiser China and Night at Ram present a 4- part interview/performance series: “The Art of Music”.

Shanghai is an ever-expanding melting pot of burgeoning national and international culture and perhaps China’s premier crossroads of musical talent. Many styles and disciplines old and new merge and transform in the many small clubs and larger venues offering listeners lucky enough to happen by to share in their varied world of tones, rhythm and reveries. In this new series we would like to focus on 4 exceptional musical artists living in or visiting this vast hustling metropolis, those who have chosen the life of the creative performing musician. We invite you join us as we delve deep into their background, culture, inspirations and life philosophy as we aim to discover and share something about the language and art of music when it exceeds the physical act of performance on its metaphysical transformation through another dimension into a reality where people go to transcend the norms of everyday life and connect with the universe in the dream world that is music.

US musician/producer Tom Lee Pettersen will spend an hour with each guest introducing the artists and their music, engaging them in conversation and inviting them to share their music with the audience.

The first session will begin on Saturday June 22nd with a musician who stands at the very beginning of his career: A Bu is an extremely talented musical prodigy who will turn 14 this July. His short biography began like many gifted children with classical piano lessons at age 4, but his studies took a turn of a different sort in 2009 when he was introduced to Jazz piano by Hongwei Kong (Golden Buddha) at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing where he also learned guitar, bass, saxophone and percussion. Since 2011 A Bu has successfully stepped out of the piano rehearsal room into the Jazz clubs to learn more techniques in improvisation and gain other precious experience interacting with international jazz musicians of many styles.

In 2012 A Bu recorded his 1st studio album with his A Bu Jazz Trio under the auspices of producers Golden Buddha and Marc Vincent (President of Sennheiser China) with Grammy Award winning Sound Engineer Jakob Haendel from Germany. Among the songs performed is the classic Jazz work Giant Steps from John Coltrane which A Bu masters with an astonishing maturity beyond his young years.

Where does this musical insight come from in such a young person, and how did this type of music first developed by black Americans a hundred years ago capture the imagination of a young Chinese boy?

About the artist

A Bu, was born in Beijing in 1999. At the age of 4 he began his piano lessons with Professor Shigu Zhang from Central Conservatory of Music, who is currently residing in America. During his studies with Professor Zhang, A Bu participated many local piano competitions and received many rewards.

When A Bu was 9 years old, he continued his piano studies at the Central Conservatory of Music with Professor Zhiwei Zhang. Concurrently at the conservatory he began his jazz piano lessons with Professor Hongwei Kong, a famous jazz musician in China.




RAM 特别活动:森海塞尔特别活动——“音乐的艺术”之一


主持:汤姆·李·彼得森(Tom Lee Pettersen)





美国的音乐人/制作人汤姆·李·彼得森(Tom Lee Pettersen)将会花一小时的时间来介绍艺术家及他们的音乐,与之进行对谈并邀请他们与观众分享他们的音乐。





阿布 (戴梁)