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RAM SPECIAL: SIMP TALK SHOW——More Than A Show RAM特别活动:新谱脱口秀第一季第五期——策“展”以外

Event Information

Date: 17 August 2013
Time: 02:30 04:30
Venue: 2F Y.W.C.A Building
Speaker: Chen Xian, Li Zhenhua Moderator, Yan Xiaodong
Language: Chinese


日期: 2013年 8月 17日
时间: 02:30 04:30
场馆: 女青年会大楼二楼
主讲人: 陈玺安,李振华,颜晓东
语言: 中文

SIMP TALK SHOW: More Than A Show

Season I, 5th Live show | Shanghai

This is an entertainment program in the form of a talk show.

SIMP Project attends to the “situation” that today’s original creative work faces in audiovisual art, the two-way “intervention” between artists or artist groups, the micro-ecology in the field and broad social factors and the “mapping” of the information and analysis of the above-mentioned active intervention. And at last, the project aims to form a “perspective” for future creative work. SIMP Talk Show is the first series presented by the project.

Season I of SIMP Talk Show pays attention to the development and the situation of new media art in recent years. The first three live shows invited several active new media artists who are in their 20s and 30s. The discussions covered not only art making, but also their multiple roles and their work outside the art world, the differences between working and studying in China and abroad, etc.

Starting from this live show, our guest speakers are no longer limited to artists. Curators, producers, administrators of art institutions, and art project sponsors and other art related persons will also take part in the talk show. Considering their different roles, their perspectives, ideas, expertise, skills and visions will offer valuable directions for today’s new media art.

We are honored to invite Li Zhenhua (China/Switzerland) and Zian Chen (Taiwan) to the 5th live show. Both guest speakers have worked in the international environment and share interdisciplinary interests. At work, they have multiple roles including curator, critic, writer, and editor for art related publications. In addition, Mr. Li Zhenhua and Yan Xiaodong, the moderator and initiator of SIMP Talk Show, have collaborated for years in several different exhibitions and productions. Meanwhile, Mr. Zian Chen is the first resident intervener of SIMP Project.

The two curators and the moderator will each share with the audience one non-exhibition art project that he participated in directly, initiated or led. They will then further present their opinions and thoughts on the present art ecology in the respective regions, and discuss how to make up current shortfalls and open new possibilities for a healthy development of art with curatorial practice.

About the Guest Speakers:

Li Zhenhua has been active in the art field since 1996. His practice is mainly concerned with curation, art creation and project management. Since 2010 he has been the nominator for the Summer Academy at the Zentrum Paul Klee Bern (Switzerland), as well as for The Prix Pictet (Switzerland). He is a member of the international advisory board for the exhibition "Digital Revolution" to be held at the Barbican Centre in the UK in 2014.Li Zhenhua has edited several artists' publications, including "Yan Lei: What I Like to Do" (Documenta, 2012), "Hu Jieming: One Hundred Years in One Minute" (2010), "Feng Mengbo: Journey to the West" (2010), and "Yang Fudong: Dawn Mist, Separation Faith" (2009). A collection of his art reviews has been published under the title "Text" in 2013.

Zian Chen works as a curator and freelance writer mainly based in Taipei. He has curated Prattle (2010) at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei and Collected Matters (2013) at ICC in Sapporo. He also co-curated Live Ammo (2011) at MOCA Taipei, Video Acrobatics (2010) and Post Office (2012) at Pingpong Art Space. His serial writing, Possible Exhibitions, examines the boundaries of art criticism via fictionalized subjects.

About the Moderator:

Art Yan was born in 1981 in Shanghai. After graduating from East China University of Science& Technology, with a Master’s Degree in Art Design in 2006, Yan entered the field of contemporary art and media arts and has serviced different types of art institutions, including: Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Assistant of Chief Educator, 2006~2007; Shanghai eARTS Festival, In-house Curator & Producer, 2007~2010; Videotage (Hong Kong), General Manager, 2011~2012. In 2010, Yan and Mr. Li Zhenhua, the Switzerland based curator and researcher, co-founded RYE Consulting Shanghai, a supporting platform for media arts related creative projects. Yan currently works and lives in Shanghai. His main area includes Media Arts and Design Research.

About SIMP Project:

SIMP Project is co-initiated by Wu Juehui and Art Yan in June, 2013 in Hangzhou, China. SIMP Project 1.0 is hosted by TENHONG LAND and the Media City Research Center, CAA. The first site was officially launched at the Media City Research Center on June 21, 2013. The project will continue through the end of September. The first eight featured artists are Guo Xi, Jiang Zhuyun, Liu Guoqiang, Lu Yang, Peng Yun, Shi Chuan, Wang Xin and Wu Juehui. The second site of SIMP Project 1.0 will be launched in mid-September, 2013.

Venue: Media City Research Center, CAA. By China National Highway 320 and Jiulong Avenue. Hangzhou, China


“新谱计划”(SIMP Project)所关注的是:当下国内视听艺术领域中原创工作的“态势”(Situation);每位原创者(原创团体)与其所身处的业态环境,以及更广泛社会因素间的彼此“介入”(Intervention);持续地收集、分析针对上述动态介入的“映射”(Mapping);如此循序渐进,以期能对国内原创工作的“远景”(Perspective)有所洞察。新谱脱口秀是该计划推出的第一档育乐节目。

第一季脱口秀首先关注的,是近年来国内新媒体艺术领域(new media art)的发展态势。前三期的嘉宾是一批目前较为活跃的70后、80后新媒体艺术家,除了谈及个人艺术创作,话题还涉及到多元身份及艺术家身份以外的个人作为,国际国内间工作与学习环境的差异等等。






1996年开始从事艺术工作,涉及展览策划、艺术创作和项目管理领域,现担任瑞士保罗克利美术馆夏日学院推荐人(2010年至今),瑞士Prix Pictet摄影节推荐人(2010年至今),2014年将担任英国巴比肯中心(Barbican Centre)国际展览《数字革命》(digital revolution)的顾问和推荐人。曾主持编撰的艺术家个人出版物有:《颜磊:我喜欢做的》(2012 年卡塞尔文献展出版物)、《胡介鸣:一分钟的一百年》(2010年)、《冯梦波:西游记》(2010 年)、《杨福东:离信之雾》(2009 年)等。出版有个人艺术评论文集《文本》(2013)。





1981年生于上海,2006年毕业于华东理工大学,获设计艺术学硕士学位。此后进入当代艺术及媒体艺术领域,为多所不同类型的艺术机构服务:2006~2007,上海当代艺术馆(MoCA Shanghai),教育总监助理;2007~2010,上海电子艺术节(eARTS Festival),策展人、制作人;2011~2012,香港录映太奇(Videotage)总经理。2010年,颜氏与旅居瑞士的策展人兼研究员李振华先生共同创办了上海锐艺文化咨询机构(RYE Consulting Shanghai),一个致力于媒体艺术相关创意项目的开放平台。颜氏目前生活工作于上海,其主要工作领域包括媒体艺术与综合设计研究。


“新谱计划”(SIMP Project)由吴珏辉、颜晓东于2013年6月在中国杭州联合发起。新谱计划1.0版由杭州美和院艺术展示中心、中国美术学院媒体城市研发中心联合主办,其第一现场已于2013年6月21日在中国美术学院媒体城市研发中心正式发布,将持续至9月底。首批8位个案艺术家分别为:郭熙、蒋竹韵、刘国强、陆扬、彭韫、石川、王欣、吴珏辉。1.0版第二现场将于2013年9月中旬发布。

新谱计划1.0版地址:中国美术学院媒体城市研发中心, 320国道与九龙大道交叉路口,中国杭州。