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Making Substance 2022: Finding Maritime Asia 造物谈2022: 寻找海洋亚洲

Immigrants in the Eyes of Immigrants 移民眼中的移民

Event Information

Date: 18 September 2022
Time: 06:00 07:30
Venue: Online
Speaker: Min Zhang


日期: 2022年 9月 18日
时间: 06:00 07:30
场馆: 线上
主讲人: 闹米(张敏)

About the Event 关于活动

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Pok Chi Lau has lived in the United States since he went to America and Canada to study. Since the age of 17, over the past 50 years, Mr. Lau has followed the path of Chinese ancestors, covering 36 countries and regions in Asia, North America, South America and Africa. First of all, this conversation was curious about Pok Chi Lau's own life course, why and how he became a member of the discrete Chinese, and how he felt and understood the specific situation of being an immigrant in this process; As a documentary photographer, how did he lead himself to watch, discover and record, and how did he finally establish ties with the photographer and the shooting place?

The dialogue will begin with the screening of Cuban Chinese (2009). This is a documentary film directed by Pok Chi Lau. It is an extremely moving exception among Pok Chi Lau's thousands of shooting objects.



About the Speaker 关于讲者

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Pok Chi Lau, Fisher, photographer, Professor Emeritus of the University of Kansas


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Chen Baiqi, researcher


Pok Chi Lau, his ancestral home is Taishan, Guangdong. He was born in Hong Kong, China in 1950. In 1969, he went to Canada to study after graduating from high school. In 1971, he went to the Brooks School of Photography in the United States and obtained a bachelor's degree in 1975; In 1977, he obtained a master's degree at the California Academy of Arts, and began to teach photography at the University of Kansas in the same year until he retired.

Chen Baiqi, born and raised in Chenghai, Guangdong, studied in Hong Kong, Chicago and London, and now works and lives in Shenzhen. As a researcher, he has a long-term and extensive research interest in the relationship network and artistic practice absorbed, shaped, transferred and reproduced by the Chaozhou people and their communities scattered between the sea and the land at the advent of modernity.



Making Substance 2022: Finding Maritime Asia 造物谈2022: 寻找海洋亚洲

Making Substance 造物谈