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Miji Festival Lecture: Echtzeitmusik - Berlin's… 密集音乐节讲座:柏林即兴音乐—从1988年至今柏林实验…

Event Information

Date: 6 January 2013
Time: 04:00 04:00
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2013年 1月 6日
时间: 04:00 04:00
场馆: 协进大楼1F

Kai Fagaschinski


Miji Festival Lecture:

Echtzeitmusik - Berlin's experimental & improvised music scene from 1998 till today

Speaker: Kai Fagaschinski

Language: German with Chinese translation

Admission is Free. Reservation is required.

“The late 90’s have been a very stimulating time for the experimental music of Berlin. Many musicians from all over the world moved to Berlin as living was cheap and there was a lot of free space easy to be taken over.

At that time a couple of musicians from the younger generation were questioning the common way of playing improvised music. Also inspired by and in interaction with the experimental music scenes from Vienna, London and Tokyo they were trying new strategies of making music. In search for an essence and a new meaning in music they were slowing down and striping down their musical actions and dynamics. They avoided obvious forms of interaction and were especially searching individually for new musical material radically detached from the traditional intentions of their chosen instrument.

Even if things might have gotten at times quite dogmatic and stark, it seems that the experiences of that time are still evident in the these days, where one finds the so-called Echtzeitmusik scene in a very open and diverse situation.

In my lecture I try to give a little, incomplete and highly subjective overview about the musical developments of the Echtzeitmusik scene during the last 15 years – picking out some works from colleagues and also from myself – but also talking a bit about structural and personal circumstances in which the music is being produced.“ Kai Fagaschinski

About Kai Fagaschinski

clarinetist | composer/performer | nightwatch

*1974 in Dannenberg (Germany)

Fagaschinski focuses on a subtle musicality of sound and noise phenomena. As an autodidact he developed a personal language on his instrument based on an delicate use of multiphonics. His music is rooted in abstraction including an insidious expressivity and a pre-melodic quality. Kai does both - improvising and composing. He prefers to work in long-term collaborations.

He is currently most involved with the following projects: The International Nothing (clarinet duo with Michael Thieke), The Magic I.D. (song project with Margareth Kammerer, Christof Kurzmann and Thieke), Los Glissandinos (with sine wavist Klaus Filip), Musik (with Burkhard Stangl), The Dogmatics (with Chris Abrahams), and Berlin's 24-piece Splitter Orchester.

He played concerts all over Europe, North America and Asia and released 12 albums as a co-leader.

Kai lives since 1996 in Berlin. He organised (together with Christof Kurzmann) the concert series Raumschiff Zitrone from 2000 to 2006 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg and founded (together with Gregor Hotz and Conrad Noack) the Berlin’s experimental concert platform

About Miji Festival

Organizer: Sub Jam, BM Space, Rockbund Art Museum

Co-organizer: Musikid, Pangbianr, 2Kolegas, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, School of Media and International Culture of Zhejiang University, Be Brand

Mibile Shop: Sugar Jar

Support: Goethe Institute China

Thanks: Rockbund, Sennheiser

Miji Festival was developed from a small tour of FEN (FarEast Network). It was supposed to be issue no.11 of Miji Concert organized by Sub Jam. Its aim is connect and react with sound experiments in different places through the medium of improvised music.

Since FEN’s establishing in Marseille, 2008, these four musicians from four different Asian countries were trying to organize concert in their own cities and anywhere around the world. They are trying to meet and play with each other, and with other musicians. After 6 months preparing, follows changing, it developed to a concentrated festival.

Each concert is an event. It was brewed from people’s will and reality. Sound is the only materials of building the world during playing and listening. And human is wild animal with ability of thinking.

Again, with effort of volunteers and support of friends, the stage is born.


Sub Jam:

Sub Jam was founded by musician and writer Yan Jun in 2000. It is one of the most active experimental art organizations in China. It has organized hundreds of event of experimental music, improvised music and sound art. Including acclaimed Waterland Kwanyin and Mini Midi Festival. Has published around 100 titles of CD, DVD and books. As a non-profit, microcosmical and guerrilla form, it runs “Radio Enemy”, “Miji Concert and Workshop”, Kwanyin Records/Miji Records and other continual projects.

BM Space:

BM (Body & Music) Space is a performing art platform in Shanghai, established by sound artist Yin Yi and choreographer / dancer Liu Yanan in 2011.

Artists can share their works / concepts / experience here with audience through performances / lectures / workshops.

It links performing artists in dance, physical theatre and experimental music. It builds a bridge for independent artists / groups between China and the world.

Rockbund Art Museum:

Seated in the north end of the famous Bund area in Shanghai, the Rockbund Art Museum is an international platform for the promotion and exchange of contemporary art.

Considering its mission to be the spread of humanistic values and the promotion of art, the Rockbund Art Museum dedicates its efforts to the study, exchange and promotion of contemporary visual arts. Through diverse exhibitions and educational programmes, it seeks to use artistic means to stimulate discussions of topical and social issues in contemporary spirit. It also hopes that by providing the members of the community with high-quality aesthetic and leisure resources, it contributes to social progress and improve the quality of urban life.

Kai Fagaschinski




主讲:Kai Fagaschinski






Kai Fagaschinski











密集音乐节是从FEN(FarEast Network)乐队的小型巡演发展而来的。它本来是撒把芥末主办的第11期密集音乐会,以即兴音乐为媒介,串联不同地域的声音实验。2008年,FEN乐队在法国马赛成立。四位成员居住在四个不同的亚洲国家。他们一直在各自的城市和其他地方组织演出,以便重逢、一起表演。经过半年的筹备,水到舟行,音乐会扩展成了一个浓缩的音乐节。每一场演出,都是一次事件。它由人们的愿望和现实交织而成。在演奏和聆听中,声音是塑造世界的惟一物质。而人,是一种会思考的野兽。又一次,依靠志愿者的劳动和朋友们的支持,舞台搭好了!




阵容:大友良英 Otomo Yoshihide(日本),柳汉吉 Ryu Hankil(韩国),袁志伟 Yuen Cheewai(新加坡/泰国),颜峻 Yan Jun(中国),FEN(FarEast Network,多国),岩井主税 Chikara Iwai(日本,电影导演),Kai Fagaschinski(德国),黄仲辉 Sin:Ned(香港),李剑鸿 Li Jiahong (中国),冯昊 Feng Hao(中国),李增辉 Li Zenghui (中国),麻沸散 Mafeisan(中国),刘心宇 Liu Xinyu(中国),照骏园 Jun-Y Ciao (中国),卖卖 Mai Mai(中国),折磨护士 Torturing Nurse (中国),陶轶 Tao Yi(中国),徐程 Xu Cheng (中国),上海自由音乐大乐团 Free Music Collective of Shanghai (中国),殷漪(Yin Yi,中国),王长存(Wang Changcun,中国),刘亚囡 Liu Yanan(中国,舞蹈),G is X is Y (法国/中国),VAVABOND (中国),东风即兴委员会 Dongfeng Impro Committee(中国),Martijn Tellinga(荷兰,待定),姜宇辉 Jiang Yuhui(中国,学者),王婧 Adel Wang Jing (中国,学者)……


主办:撒把芥末,BM Space,上海外滩美术馆