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Literature dialogue 2 :Languages and ... 文学对谈之二: 写作中的语言与(反)叙事

Event Information

Date: 28 April 2013
Time: 08:00 08:00
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building
Speaker: Pascal Torres Guardiola, Philippe Djian, Sun Ganlu
Language: Chinese, French


日期: 2013年 4月 28日
时间: 08:00 08:00
场馆: 协进大楼1F
主讲人: 帕斯卡·托雷斯·戈尔迪奥拉,菲立普·狄雍,孙甘露
语言: 中文,法文

In the beginning of One Hundred Years of Solitude, Garcia Marquez mentioned that “The world was so recent that many things lacked names, and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point.” When the world still resembles a newborn in the consistent renewal process, only the writers are able to transform unspoken gestures into novel languages, to construct narrative and anti-narrative by using such languages full of gesticulation in the process of which those unique style turn out. The French writer of 37°2 Le Matin Philippe Djian together with the Chinese avant-garde writer Sun GanLu will speak from their own experience to share with the audience languages and (anti-)narrative in the writing practice. This dialogue is moderated by Pascal Torres Guardiola, Curator of From Gesture to Language, also a writer in his own right.

About the Moderator
Pascal Torres Guardiola

Curator of From Gesture to Language: Trans-Forming Practices of Art Expression

Curator and Director of the Edmond de Rothschild Collection and of the Chalcography Department at Louvre Museum, Paris.

About the Speakers
Philippe Djian

Philippe Djian (born June 6, 1949 in Paris) is a popular French author of Armenian descent. He won the 2012 Prix Interallié for the novel "Oh...". Three of his novels were adapted to movies: 37°2 le matin (1986; English title Betty Blue) which was filmed by Jean-Jacques Beineix; Bleu comme l'enfer (1986; English title Blue Hell) directed by Yves Boisset; and Impardonnables (2011; English title Unforgivable) directed by André Téchiné. He also co-wrote the screenplay of Ne fais pas ça (2004) with Luc Bondy

Sun Ganlu

Sun Ganlu was born in July 10, 1959, Shanghai. He is a novelist and poet.Sun Ganlu is on Shanghai Writer Association’s board of directors. He is also the Advisor in Chief of Shanghai Weekly; member of Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Conference; member of China Association for Promoting Democracy, and its Associate Director of Culture and Art Committee (Shanghai).Sun Ganlu’s novels are often regarded as representative works of the China’s avant-garde Literature, while his essays reflect Shanghai’s intellectual elite culture.His works have been translated into French, Russian, Japanese, and English.







法国畅销小说家,曾获法国重要文学奖——行际盟友奖(Le Prix Interallié)。

狄雍著作等身,总计有长篇小说19部、短篇小说集4部,并为瑞士知名歌手史帝凡·艾榭(Stephan Eicher)作歌词。而受到美国影集如《六呎风云》(Six Feet Under)等所启发的灵感,狄雍最新的写作计划为一套六册的巨着《外带用的袋子》(Doggy Bag)。《巴黎野玫瑰》Betty Blue享誉全球。