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Lecture: Paola Pivi’s Reality and Fantasm 讲座:制造异境-Paola Pivi的现实和奇谭

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Date: 4 August 2012 Invalid Date
Time: 11:00 Invalid Date
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2012年 8月 4日 Invalid Date
时间: 11:00 Invalid Date
场馆: 协进大楼1F

Aimee Lin, Executive Editor.of LEAP


Creation of Enigmatic Environments: Paola Pivi’s Reality and Fantasm

Speaker: Aimee Lin, Executive Editor of LEAP

Language: Chinese

Admission Free. Reservation is required.

Paola Pivi is one of the representative artists of her generation who work with multi-cultural experiences. This talk, by introducing and analyzing Pivi’s art practices, unveils the artist’s extraordinaryaesthetics, creation methodology, and meanings behind them. Using different media to create realistic and surreal situations is the core of Pivi’s art. Her works often appeal to audience’s actual experience on site to generate meanings just the same way as advertising, and also emphasize on scale and presentation. This makes her distinct from those conceptual artists who only seek to criticize the reality or interpret ideas in tedious and abstract fashions. Instead, her works seek to generate feelings on the visitor’s party in an efficient and simple way, and use daily objects and familiar scenes to dislocate and recreate extravagant world.

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Free admission, No need for reservation.

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Paola Pivi是年轻一代具有多种文化经验的艺术家的代表人物,本讲座通过对其主要创作的介绍与分析,揭示该艺术家独特的美学和创作手法,以及背后的意图。逼真而又超越现实的场景,是Paola Pivi动用多种媒介所创造的艺术的核心。这些强调现场体验的作品和许多创意广告一般,善于调动观者感官以传递信息,并且特别注重作品的尺度和呈现。这也构成了Paola Pivi不同于其他观念艺术家的地方,她不是以干枯的方式从事现实批判或观念演绎,而是追求作品的情景感与传达的有效性,以看似嬉戏的态度,以及四两拨千斤的手法,对现实中的平凡事物及其环境进行挪用、错置,她所创造的现实奇谭,是一种在身体中培育观念的耕种。