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Lecture: New Museums in China 讲座:中国新兴的美术馆

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Date: 30 November 2012
Time: 08:00 08:00
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2012年 11月 30日
时间: 08:00 08:00
场馆: 协进大楼1F

Clare Jacobson, Frank Krueger, Liu Yuyang and Zhu Xiaofeng


New Museums in China

Speakers: Clare Jacobson, Frank Krueger, Liu Yuyang and Zhu Xiaofeng

Language: English with Chinese Translation

Admission Free. Reservation is required.

The effect of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has spread far and wide, with city after city

attempting to establish itself by building a similarly significant cultural institution. And so it

is not surprising that remarkable new museums have been built as far from Spain as

China, a country at the center of so much architectural attention. China’s urban growth is ever-

present in the news, and its outstanding (and outlandish) commercial and residential buildings

have been well documented. But now that the country’s new money has matured, it is being

reassigned from necessity to nicety, from industry to culture. It is being used to build museums.

While the economic recession has put a damper on plans for new cultural venues in many

cities around the world, museums in China are booming. Three Architects Liu Yuyang, Zhu Xiaofeng,

and Frank Krueger discuss their work in the context of this important building type with Clare


Clare Jacobson,Frank Krueger,刘宇扬,祝晓峰



主讲:Clare Jacobson,设计作家、编辑和策展人

Frank Krueger,国际设计公司logon(罗昂)创意总监及合伙人





毕尔巴鄂古根海姆美术馆影响深远,其他城市都相继尝试通过建立一个与之有相似重要性的文化机构来建设自身。所以,许多值得关注的新美术馆已在离西班牙很远的中国—一个置身于诸多建筑思潮中心的国家建立起来其实并不意外。中国的城市发展不断出现在新闻中,使其杰出(且奇特)的商业和住宅楼宇被很好的记载下来。既然中国的资金已经成熟,它将会从必要行为到美好行为、从产业到文化进行重新分配。用来建造美术馆也是其中之一。当全世界许多城市的经济衰退使建设新文化场所的计划受挫,而中国的美术馆却在急速发展。三位建筑师刘宇扬,祝晓峰,Frank Krueger和Clare Jacobson将探讨在美术馆建筑类型下他们各自的作品。