Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Lecture: Malleability is Architecture’s Neighbour 讲座:建筑与可塑性

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Date: 26 May 2012 Invalid Date
Time: 11:00 Invalid Date
Venue: 2F, Rockbund Art Museum


日期: 2012年 5月 26日 Invalid Date
时间: 11:00 Invalid Date
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆 2楼

Per H黷tner


Speaker: Per Hüttner Swedish Artist

Language: English, with Chinese translation

Swedish artist Per Hüttner invites the audience to participate in an experience that draws directly from the exhibition Model Home, the architecture of the Rockbund museum and reflects on time and temporality. It will mix the traditional format of workshop, artist talk and performance and will comment on Model Home’s goal to investigate the relationship between the workers’ contribution and the statue of the artwork in the museum.

By departing from the classical idea of communication where a single speaker utters a clearly defined idea that is transferred to the group. Hüttner will replace theinformation transmission with mutual inspiration by activating the four senses apart from vision to reinvestigate the past of the building. During the week leading up to the presentation, Hüttner will lead a workshop with a small group of architecture students (4-8 people). They will together with the artist investigate the traces of the past and how they have been negotiated and renegotiated over time in the architecture. Special attention will be paid to how details and traces of other activities in the museum and how we can imagine the lives of other therein.

In this presentation the group will mix images, stories and performative actions. Special focus will be given to the fact that the words of Hüttner are translated into Chinese and therefore ‘repeated’ twice.

The performative actions will be interspersed between the parts of the more traditional presentation and carried out in absolute darkness. We will pay special attention to sound, smell, taste and touch in order to emphasise a different aspect of the ‘Total Work of Art’:

1. The group of invited students and participating artists will move around in the absolute darkness and create and play back immersive sounds that are related to the history of the building (including westerners reading Chinese and vice versa). Since these will take place in absolute darkness, the audience will be prone to hear the three dimensionality of the sounds and the space.

2. In the dark a long rope will be put across the laps of each row of the audience. The audience will be asked to move the rope from left to right together. Objects are tied to the rope that will evoke sensory experiences that will be enhanced by the darkness and relate to the workers who have built and maintained the building.

3. The group of invited students and participating artists will move around in the absolute darkness with objects that produce different smells that relate to the history of the building.

4. We are in the process of developing special ‘tools’ that allow us to use taste without endangering the artwork on display.

The details of the presentation will be developed in collaboration with the architectural students and the group of artists that make up the participants for ‘Think Again’.

Per H黷tner


主讲:Per Hüttner 瑞典艺术家


瑞典艺术家Per Hüttner将邀请观众以一种特殊的方式重新体验“样板屋”的展览以及上海外滩美术馆的建筑,并由此展开关于时间和时间性的思考。它将混合传统工作坊样式,艺术家讲座和表演等多种形式,将对“样板屋”展览的初衷进行评论,探讨工人的工作和美术馆中的艺术品地位之间的关系。



1. 被邀请的学生们和艺术家们将会在黑暗里绕圈,制造并播放与建筑物相关历史的音乐(包括西方人眼中的中国,反之亦然)。观众会感知声音和空间等三个维度。

2. 在黑暗中,长绳会围绕每排的观众。观众将要求从左到右移动绳子。系在绳子上的物品会因为黑暗唤起感官经历,同时(这些物品)也和建造和保护这栋建筑的工人有关。

3. 学生和艺术家会带着物品在黑暗里移动,来制造和这栋建筑相关的不同的气味。

4. 我们在活动中会制作特别的工具,允许我们运用味觉感受同时又无需危及展品。