Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Lecture: Indigenous Architecture of Today 讲座:今日的本土建筑

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Date: 12 May 2012 Invalid Date
Time: 11:00 Invalid Date
Venue: 2F, Rockbund Art Museum


日期: 2012年 5月 12日 Invalid Date
时间: 11:00 Invalid Date
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆 2楼

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto


Speaker: Yoshiharu Tsukamoto

Architect, Founder of Atelier Bow-Wow, Associate professor of Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Language: English with Chinese translation

Atelier Bow-Wow’s works are produced from the concept “architectural behaviorology”. The word “behavior” includes human behavior inside and outside of the building, physical phenomenon produced by different environmental elements such as light, air, heat, wind, and water in architecture, and building’s behavior in its surroundings. “Architectural behaviorology” aims to understand the behaviors of those different elements, and to synthesize them to optimize their performance in its specific context. It could be new definition of “what organic” in Architecture.



主讲:塚本由晴 建筑师、犬吠工作室创始人、东京工业大学院副教授