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[Invisible Torrents] SAVAKA VOL.4 Lecture: Scenery of Vibration [暗流] 声闻VOL.4讲座:振动的风景

Event Information

Date: 29 December 2013
Time: 07:00 09:00
Venue: 2F Y.W.C.A Building
Speaker: Tsunoda Toshiya
Language: Japanese with Chinese translation


日期: 2013年 12月 29日
时间: 07:00 09:00
场馆: 女青年会大楼二楼
主讲人: 角田俊也
语言: 日文,中文翻译

I will talk about my field recording. It’s not technical talk. About my concept of recording.I was studied western painting in 1980th. So my background is fine art. I have no experience on musical theory and practice. So my recording work is just the same painting the landscape.And how to realize and describe “scenery” or “landscape” for us.

About Toshiya Tsunoda

Tsunoda is a sound creator known for his using environmental sounds as a motif. From the late 1980s he began working in the plastic arts and doing field recordings and continued to produce highly experimental sound works. He is particularly highly acclaimed abroad, frequently producing works for sound art exhibitions, and releasing CDs from various country's labels.



角田俊也 是一个以运用环境中的声音作为其作品主题而闻名的声音创造者。自20世纪80年代后期起,他开始进入“造型艺术” 领域,做一些实地记录的工作,以及持续地创作高度实验性的声音作品。他特别地受到国外艺术界的赞誉,经常为一些声音艺术展创作作品,同时,他也在不同的国家发行唱片。