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Exhibition Plus·Screening: RAM x SFM Special Screening:The Pampered Wife 展览知多点·放映:RAM x SFM:陈箴个展特别展映之《小娇妻》

Event Information

Date: 14 August 2015
Time: 11:30 13:00
Venue: 1F Art Movie Hall, Shanghai Film Museum(SFM)
Language: Chinese


日期: 2015年 8月 14日
时间: 11:30 13:00
场馆: 上海电影博物馆一楼艺术影厅
语言: 中文

In the 1990s, artist Chen Zhen came back to Paris from Shanghai to see a new development of a real estate advertisement in the subway car. It read: "Chen Zhen: Without going to New York and Paris, life could be internationalized." This slogan touched the artist who recently returned from Paris in regards to his mixed feelings towards the rapid urbanization and rising presence of consumerism in Shanghai. Inspired, he launched a series of studies and surveys, and in turn he created a large number of stunning works. From May 30, 2015 to October 7, 2015,the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum will open a Chen Zhen one-person exhibition and focus on the artist’s most representative creations within this theme of internationalism, once again bringing us into the artist’s observation and reflection toward the city and the future. Furthermore, despite two decades having passed, it is clear that the artist’s reflections and speculations still have profound practical significance today.

In attempt to revisit the climatic period of the 1990s where Shanghai acted as a representative of Chinese cities regarding consumerism and globalization, Rockbund Art Museum is partnering with Shanghai Film Museum to promote "Chen Zhen: Without going to New York and Paris, life could be internationalized "as its main theme of special screenings from July to September of 2015. Through seven classic movies, this screening event will look back at the dramatic period of sudden economic and cultural change in Shanghai, experiencing the imaginative power of the now opened and reformed Chinese society towards the future and the world.

Indeed, starting from the 1980s, China’s urbanization and modernization led to a rapid change within her society; the destiny of the people as well as their value system, psychological state, and rules of survival all experienced change. The cities were the space where the people and experiences of “modernity” collided. Similarly, these cities bore the weight of the modern people’s confusion, disappointment, and frustration; all of these problems and phenomena are reflected within this screening event.

In this screening, what remains especially interesting are the problems between the female and the household in the context of this transformative period. Through the descriptions of contemporary life, this movie not only expresses the individuals’ and small family unit’s weaknesses and frustrations but also depicts these weaknesses’ and frustrations’ social environment such as the reflections of social atmosphere and social thinking behind the individual’s choice and value system. With these themes in mind, we will discuss the expansive relationships between consumerism and materialism, community existence, professions, love, social ethics, and tradition.

This special screening event is free for visitors and members of RAM and members of the Shanghai Film Museum. Visitors must bring RAM tickets or membership cards. In addition, they must reserve through the RAM website in order to view the film.