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Documentary film: WOMEN and panel discussion 纪录片:《我们》及专题讨论

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Date: 8 September 2012 Invalid Date
Time: 07:00 Invalid Date
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2012年 9月 8日 Invalid Date
时间: 07:00 Invalid Date
场馆: 协进大楼1F

Panelists: Abby Chen, Wu Xiaoyan, Li Gang,Francesca Tarocco,Wei Wei


All Tomorrow’s Parties: Summoning Creativity in Shanghai

All about WǒMén —Documentary film WOMEN

Film Language: Chinese with English Subtitle

All about WǒMén

Documentary film WOMEN

Director Walker Lee will be present at the screening and meet with audience.

WOMEN, titled with the Mandarin-English homophone, meaning both “women” and “we,” is the debut documentary film by director Walker Lee. Drawing upon the eponymous exhibition, curated by Abby Chen at the yearend of 2011, the film expanded beyond the presenting of the exhibition that featured works on feminism, genderqueer equality, to street performance and lives of LGBT community members. It is the first of its kind about issues on sexuality in the city of Shanghai.

About speakers

Wu Xiaoyan, Master in Sociology, currently researcher of cultural studies, is constantly interested in Chinese women's life situations and the development of feminism in China. Since 2005, Wu Xiaoyan has been engaged in performance, promotion and local community creation of Chinese version of Vagina Monologues, a renowned feminist play, and dedicated to presentation of the living experience of Chinese women in the form of "monologues", to pushing the conversation and reflection on gender issues by occupying theaters and other public spaces with a "feminist discourse". In 2012, Wu Xiaoyan founded "the Beaver", a feminism-themed art group, and generated a community created version of Vagina Monologues based on Chinese women's living experience, "Yin Dao Duo Yun", which hit the theater as a sensation with its three times of public performance .

Abby Chen is a curator, writer, and art administrator based in San Francisco. She is currently the Curator and Deputy Director at the Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco, overseeing its exhibition and public art program. She initiated the Xian Rui/Fresharp Artist Excellence Series since 2008, the first and only platform supporting mid-career artists of Chinese descent in US. In 2010, she organized Gender Identity Symposium, a multi-city forum in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, followed by her 2011 ground breaking exhibition WOMEN on feminism, gender equality and social engagement in China. As a 2012 NEH Summer Scholar, her other curatorial projects also include San Francisco Public Art Initiative of Arts-in-Storefront and Central Subway Temporary Public Art for Stockton Station, exhibitions for Yerba Buena Center For the Arts, Museum of Chinese in America in New York, Gender Identity Symposium, and San Francisco Arts Commission. She led Culture Mapping project in partnership with Chinatown Community Development Center to investigate arts in immigrant neighborhood and advocate for government funding on underserved communities.

Wei Wei is an Associate professor of Sociology at East China Normal University. His researches and publication cover gender and sexuality, urban sociology, and qualitative methods, with a focus on identity formation, public space, community mobilization, media representation and HIV education and prevention around homosexuality in contemporary China. His book Going Public: The Production and Transformation of Queer Spaces in Contemporary Chengdu, Chinawill soon be published by Shanghai Joint Publishing Company this year.

Francesca Tarocco was educated at Venice University and at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London (SOAS). Between 2005 and 2008 she was the recipient of a Leverhulme Trust Fellowship Research Grant for the project “Printing and Praying: The Buddhist Press in Modern China”. Running across her research and art-related projects is a concern with the roles of Buddhism in the making of Chinese (and global) modernities and with the religious dimensions of contemporary sinophone cultures.

She is the author of The Cultural Practices of Modern Chinese Buddhism: Attuning the Dharma (Routledge,2007 and 2011) and has co-authored three other books: Karaoke: The Global Phenomenon (Chicago University Press, 2007),Made in China (Mondadori, 2008), and Liu Bolin: Hide and Seek (Ultracontemporary, 2008).

Anna Greenspan teaches philosophy and urbanism at NYU Shanghai. She earned her PhD in 2000 from the philosophy department at the University of Warwick (UK). Her thesis concentrated on the connections between transcendental thought and innovations in the technologies of time. Whilst at Warwick, Anna worked intensively as a member of the cybernetic culture research unit (ccru)Anna first moved to Shanghai in 2002. Since then she has worked as a writer and teacher focusing increasingly on the contemporary rise of this dynamic metropolis. From 2007-2009 Anna worked as a key contributor and associate editor to Urbanatomy - an in depth profile and guide to the city. She is currently writing a book entitled Modernity 2.0: Shanghai’s Reemergence in 21st Century.

吴筱燕,李刚,陈畅,Francesca Tarocco,魏伟




影片语言:中文 英文字幕

纪录片《WOMEN我们》,取材自2011年底的同名展览,巧妙运用了中英文“WOMEN”“ 我们”的发音和寓意,由李华强监制和导演,以影像的方式记录了展览诞生的全过程。镜头聚焦在策展人Abby Chen以及参展艺术家,同时延伸至与性别相关的NGO团体,以及观众的各种态度。作为首部探讨上海本土性别与社会进步的纪录片,本片从展场进入到公共空间和日常生活,并延伸了关于个体、 社会、多元共生主题的思考。





2012年创立女性主义文化社团“海狸社”,启用全新剧本打造中国式VAGINA MONOLOGUES《阴dao多云》,在上海公演三场,引起热烈反响。


策展人,评论人,艺术管理者。毕业于美国加州艺术学院,获得视觉和批判研究硕士学位。现任旧金山中华文化基金会的策展人及副馆长,主要负责展览和公共艺术活动。2008年,陈畅发起了“鲜锐”优秀艺术家系列活动,这是迄今为止首个支持在美国的华裔艺术家们的平台。2010年,她组织了“性别身份”论坛,在广州,北京和上海举行多城市研讨,紧接着她策划了以中国的女性主义,性别平等,社会参与为主题的开创性的展览《WOMEN我们》。作为2012夏季美国人文发展基金(NEH)学者,她的策展项目还包括旧金山公共艺术计划”Arts-in-Storefront“和斯托克顿车站的中央地铁临时公共艺术,在Yerba Buena艺术中心,纽约的美国华人博物馆,现在时双年展和三藩市艺术委员会的展览。她引导了与华人社区发展中心的合作项目”Culture Mapping“,旨在调查移民社区的艺术和主张政府资助资金不足的社区。

策展人,评论人,艺术管理者。毕业于美国加州艺术学院,获得视觉和批判研究硕士学位。现任旧金山中华文化基金会的策展人及副馆长,主要负责展览和公共艺术活动。2008年,陈畅发起了“鲜锐”优秀艺术家系列活动,这是迄今为止首个支持在美国的华裔艺术家们的平台。2010年,她组织了“性别身份”论坛,在广州,北京和上海举行多城市研讨,紧接着她策划了以中国的女性主义,性别平等,社会参与为主题的开创性的展览《WOMEN我们》。作为2012夏季美国人文发展基金(NEH)学者,她的策展项目还包括旧金山公共艺术计划”Arts-in-Storefront“和斯托克顿车站的中央地铁临时公共艺术,在Yerba Buena艺术中心,纽约的美国华人博物馆,现在时双年展和三藩市艺术委员会的展览。她引导了与华人社区发展中心的合作项目”Culture Mapping“,旨在调查移民社区的艺术和主张政府资助资金不足的社区。