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CPA Season 2: Open Institution 亚洲策展实践第二辑:“打开机构”

CPA Talk|Nyantrik: the Only Way Out is In CPA系列讲座|Nyantrik:欲出先入

Event Information

Date: 28 December 2019
Time: 07:00 09:00
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: Rifki AP
Language: English, Chinese translation


日期: 2019年 12月 28日
时间: 07:00 09:00
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
主讲人: Rifki AP
语言: 英文,中文翻译

About KUNCI Study Forum & Collective 关于KUNCI

KUNCI experiments with methods in producing and sharing knowledge through the acts of studying together at the intersections between affective, manual and intellectual labor. Since its founding in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, KUNCI has been continuously transforming its structure, ways, and medium of working.

Initially formed as a cultural studies study group, at present KUNCI’s practices emphasize the act of collectivizing study, by way of making-space, discussion, library, research, publishing, press, and school-organizing.

KUNCI traverses and connects institutional, disciplinary and local boundaries. KUNCI’S membership is based on friendship and informality, as well as self-organized and collaborative principles.




About Nyantrik 关于 Nyantrik

As part of the spirit of producing and sharing knowledge through the acts of studying together, KUNCI devises the School of Improper Education (SoIE) at the end of 2016. The school is founded upon the ethical foundations and desires of realizing knowledge into tooling, through developing socially-engaged artistic experimentations, embodied learning/unlearning, emphasis on micropolitics and commoning. To this end, we seek different forms of collaboration and trans-local networks that aspire towards the expansion of radical imaginations through horizontality and self-organization. In terms of format, the school is aimed at investigating notions of study, as a path to imagine different ways of organizing education outside of the dominant models. As a school that is designed to problematize the concept of school, “SoIE” will be functioned as a platform for living research in which KUNCI will try and test various formats of study that exist across different spatiotemporality.

For the initial year, models developed by Jacotot Method, Turba (or going into grassroots, popularized by Lembaga Kebudajaan Rakjat), “nyantrik” (study with a master in Javanese context) and Taman Siswa (a vernacular model of horizontal education) will be presented as objects of speculation. As entering the second year of the School, “nyantrik” that we can be roughly translated into “an act of serving a master”, become the main method that KUNCI wants to dissect. This idea of practice that appropriated from Javanese old-tradition actually is a way to learning some specific skills that reached by giving an aide to a master and at the same time studies to be a disciple. “Laku” (or the act of self-discipline) and “rasa” (that have a counterpart in Indian arts concept) are two core ideas that we tried to dissect as KUNCI’s school always starts from the question: what does an improper education mean?

As we start from the premises that we do not specify what needs to be learned and not learned we could choose the things that we loved to learn in “nyantrik”. Aside from that, we choose “nyantrik” because these practices actually provide a way to study together while interrogating the meaning of togetherness. The last idea mentioned we consider important to think about since we want to problematize the hierarchical relations between teacher and student. In “nyantrik” we also aim to unpack the homogenizing tendencies of pedagogical principles upon the body and mind. We would like to vitiate the emphasis of curricular desires around use-value. So as “nyantrik” being practiced by our participants of SoIE we tried to recreate the notion of the classroom and invite those who have been improperly educated to engage in the space as well as disrupt it.

About Nyantrik as Scaffolding Workshops

Adopt the spirit from School of Improper Education, we want to perform experiments on learning and teaching—of becoming a student and teacher at the same time, to oscillate in between different educational models. This modest invitation also goes to those who are keen on blurring the boundaries between formal education and everyday realities. In this program, we invited people into three consecutive workshops that would bring a new way to experience some daily activities that we consider as a routine in a new way: “Assalamu Alaykum Shanghai: Exiting Reciting”, then thought about the second session as such a kindly offering “Honey or poison which one you choose?”, and named the last one as “Play the trick get a slick”.


在最初的一年中,学校尝试对Jacotot Method,Turba(由Lembaga Kebudajaan Rakjat推广的草根化活动),“Nyantrik”(爪哇文化中与一位大师学习)和Taman Siswa(一种横向教育的本地案例)进行观察。进入第二年时,“Nyantrik”(可以粗略地翻译成“侍奉大师”)成为了KUNCI主要剖析的方法。这种从爪哇族古老传统中得出的实践思想实际上是一种学习某些特定技能的方法,该方法就是通过给大师当助手的同时学习成为门徒。因为KUNCI的学校总是从以下问题开始:不当教育到底意味着什么?,我们试图剖析的两个核心观念:“laku”(或自律行为)和“rasa”(也是一个印度艺术观念)。

当我们开始时不指定什么是需被学习,什么是不需被学习的,我们可以在“Nyantrik”中选择自己喜欢学习的东西。除此之外,我们选择“Nyantrik”是因为它实际上是一种在进行共同学习的同时也在研讨团结/体本身的意义的一种学习方式。这是我们要考虑的很重要的一点,因为我们旨在对老师和学生之间存在的等级关系提出问题。在“Nyantrik”中,我们的目标还在于解除教学法普遍将身体和心灵混为一谈的倾向/习惯, 不那么强调课程的使用价值。因此,当SoIE的参与者实践“Nyantrik”时,我们试图重塑教室的概念,并邀请那些未受过适当教育的人参与、甚至破坏这个空间。


秉承不正当教育学院的精神,以在不同的教育模式之间摇摆,我们希望进行学与教的实验——同时成为学生和老师,也同时邀请那些热衷于模糊正规教育和日常现实界限的人。在该计划中,我们邀请不同人群参加三个连续的工作坊,经历三种不同的活动,体验“Nyantrik”练习的核心。工作坊的主题分别为:“Assalamu Alayku, 上海:轻松唱/诵”;“你要选择蜂蜜还是毒药?”;“玩个把戏就可以了”。

About the Speaker 关于讲者

Rifki AP was part of the Kunci Study Forum & Collective’s team for the School of Improper Education (SOIE). SOIE was KUNCI’s main program since 2016 designed to problematize the concept of school. SoIE has functioned as a platform for living research in which KUNCI experiments with various formats of study that exist in different localities and across histories.

As an independent researcher, he focuses on investigating how the mind works when embedded in a specific cultural context. Discourse on decision making, affect and politics, also agrarian studies is another area that he tried to explore more. Now, he put his energy on doing research based on the cultural-historical psychology. An approach that builds by Lev Vygotsky that tries to juggle intertwine ideas between psychology, history, and culture.

Rifki AP是KUNCI以及不当教育学院(SoIE)的成员。自2016年以来,SoIE是KUNCI的主要计划及研究平台,旨在探讨什么是学校。该项目进行了各种研究型实验,涉及不同地区和历史时期。

作为一名独立研究者,他专注于研究在特定的文化环境中思想的运作。 他试图探索决策,情感和政治以及农业社会 。目前,他将精力投入到基于文化历史的心理学研究上。这是列夫·维果茨基(Lev Vygotsky)建立的一种方法,试图将心理学与历史和文化学科的概念融合交织在一起。

CPA Season 2: Open Institution 亚洲策展实践第二辑:“打开机构”