Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

CPA Season 2: Open Institution 亚洲策展实践第二辑:“打开机构”

Curatorial Consciousness – The potential of “curating” and its expanded field 策展意识 —— “策展”的潜力以及可拓展的领域​

Event Information

Date: 4 December 2019
Time: 11:00 12:30
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: Magdalena·Magiera
Language: English


日期: 2019年 12月 4日
时间: 11:00 12:30
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
主讲人: Magdalena·Magiera
语言: 英语

About the Event 关于活动

NTU CCA Singapore’s main field of inquiry engages with Spaces of the Curatorial through an exploration of its potential. The centre focuses on knowledge production by being a platform for discourse and dissemination. It is a “space” for experiments in curatorial thinking and questions the future of “curating”.

As a response to the shifts of artistic and cultural production and the emergence of alternative curatorial models, NTU CCA Singapore aims to encourage new ways of thinking in its research and programmes and nurture talent through artistic and creative experimentation. Its multidisciplinary approach intertwines its threefold constellation RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC EDUCATION, EXHIBITIONS, RESIDENCIES, by engaging in different modes of knowledge production and dissemination, complementing the language of academia.

The Centre’s education and outreach programme promotes contemporary art as a form of learning through various formats of engagement. Although the Centre in its integrity is dedicated to education, the outreach team develops accessible and inclusive learning experiences to connect all kind of publics with contemporary art and artistic practices, and encourages new ways of looking, thinking, and creating. Crucial to the Centre’s programme is the approach to knowledge through playful strategies, peer collaborations, group discussions, and personal experiences. The aim is to provide opportunities to learn how contemporary art addresses issues and concerns of our times.

Magdalena Magiera has been invited as the inaugural participant for “Curatorial Practices in Asia (CPA) — “Institution Building”” and will contribute research and exchanges through a research residency hosted by Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai. Magdalena will contribute a critical text following these exchanges, which will be included in the CPA’s “Institution Building” publication released next year.

新加坡南洋理工大学当代艺术中心 (NTU CCA) 的主要研究领域包括:如何通过挖掘空间的潜力来参与策划。该中心专注于知识生产,为艺术话语和传播提供平台。它成为策展思维实验的“空间”,对“策展”的未来提出思考和探讨。

为了应对艺术在文化生产中的变化以及替代性策展模式的出现,NTU CCA旨在鼓励研究和项目中采用新的思维方式,并通过艺术和创意实验来培养人才。它的跨学科方式通过参与不同的知识生产和传播模式,并作为学术语言的补充,将学术研究、教育、展览和驻地项目交织在一起。

NTU CCA的教育和对外项目通过各种参与形式来推广当代艺术的学习。尽管NTU CCA始终致力于教育,但它的外展团队仍能开发出易于吸收甚至包罗万象的学习经验,将公众与当代艺术和艺术实践联系起来,并鼓励采用全新的思维和创作方式。NTU CCA项目的关键在于通过趣味的实践、同伴协作、小组讨论以及个人经验来获取知识,旨在提供机会来学习当代艺术如何解决我们所处时代的各种问题。

Magdalena Magiera已被邀请为“亚洲策展实践”(CPA)——“打开机构”的驻地研究员,并将通过上海外滩美术馆主办的研究驻留项目为该研究和交流做出贡献。通过实地田野,Magiera将撰写评论性文章并发表于CPA“打开机构”(2020年)出版物中。

About the Speaker 关于讲者

Magdalena Magiera is the Curator, Outreach & Education at NTU CCA Singapore. She was an independent curator, managing Editor of Frieze d/e, and currently editor of Mono.kultur, a quarterly interview magazine. She co-curated Based in Berlin (2011) as well as exhibitions for The Building and SPLACE in Berlin. Magiera was project manager of The Maybe Education and other Programs at DOCUMENTA(13), Kassel (2012) and UNITEDNATIONSPLAZA, Berlin (2006–08). Prior to joining NTU CCA Singapore, she worked for e-flux exhibitions and public programmes in New York City.

Magdalena Magiera 是新加坡 NTU CCA 推广与教育部的策展人。她曾是独立策展人,担任 Freize d/e 的执行编辑,现任季刊访谈杂志 Mono.kultur 的编辑。Magiera 参与策划了“Based in Berlin”(2011年)以及柏林 The Building 和 SPLACE 的展览。她还是第十三届卡塞尔文献展(2012年)和柏林 UNITEDNATIONSPLAZA(2006-08年)的 The Maybe Education 等计划的项目经理。在加入NTU CCA之前,她曾参与纽约 e-flux 展览和公教项目的策划工作。

CPA Season 2: Open Institution 亚洲策展实践第二辑:“打开机构”