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Date: 27 May 2012 Invalid Date
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Venue: 2F, Rockbund Art Museum


日期: 2012年 5月 27日 Invalid Date
时间: 08:00 Invalid Date
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆 2楼

Sixten Kai Nielsen & Martin Rosengaard


Speakers: Sixten Kai Nielsen& Martin Rosengaard (members of Wooloo)

Language: English with Chinese Translation

Wooloo proposes a one-night performative investigation of the contemporary meeting between Denmark and China, as it is communicated in the mainstream media. The Danish mainstream media that is, as Denmark does not seem to play a huge role in the Chinese news (this is sarcasm. Something Danes are very fond of).

These days, it is virtually impossible to open a Danish newspaper, a current affairs program or similar without encountering several opinions on the growing importance of China to Denmark. Many of these can be described as highly anxious of a near future in which “China will rule the world”. A future that is unstoppable.

Wooloo will bring along a number of ready-mades from this media output to be displayed at the RAM and will furthermore perform the classic Danish children song:

“Three little China men at Hoejbros Square” for the audience.

This old song, it’s author unknown, is known by every Danish child and is still published on children albums in 2012, song in kindergartens, etc.

It goes like this:

“Three little China men at Hoejbros Square”

“Was sitting playing the contrabass”

“Then came a police officer, saw what was going on”

“Three little China men at Hoejbros Square”

These short verses are then repeated, each time with the focus on a new Danish vocal, making it sound like (and ridiculing) a Chinese-Danish accent. Performing this song for Wooloo will be three Danish men who have never before been to China. Or song for an audience for that matter.

Sixten Kai Nielsen & Martin Rosengaard


主讲:Sixten Kai Nielsen & Martin Rosengaard(Wooloo的成员)


Wooloo 将会开展一场丹麦和中国之间的对表述行为的研究的当代会晤,它就像在主流媒体中所交流的那样。丹麦的主流媒体,正如丹麦似乎并没有在中国新闻中扮演重要的角色。(这是讽刺,某些丹麦人还是非常喜欢的)这些天,几步不可能发生的事情是:打开丹麦的报纸,看见当前事务或者类似的事务中,没有日益重要的中国的些许观点。这些事情可以被描述成对未来“中国将统治世界”高度的紧张。未来是无法阻碍的。Wooloo将带来来自媒体的现成品,并会在RAM放映。同时,也会来带丹麦的传统儿歌“三个小中国男人在Hoejbros广场”。