Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Echoing Vision 回响视界

Event Information

Date: 6 November 2021
Time: 11:30 13:00
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: LEVELS
Language: Chinese, English


日期: 2021年 11月 6日
时间: 11:30 13:00
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
语言: 中文,英文

About the Event 关于活动

“Echoing Vision” explores the otherness, the alter-ego, and attributes that are opposite to so-called “normality” or “self”.

The normality of inanimate objects seems to be largely defined by their functionality. It’s just that simple and beyond question. Chairs are made to sit on while disco balls are designed for dance floors. However, within the context of an art installation, the functionality of objects is challenged. Likewise, this performance intends to challenge the established social code of conduct to explore for different forms identity within the same body.

Through the performance, LEVELS attempts to push beyond the limitations imposed by social roles, to get in touch with another side of the “self” which is usually beyond reach in daily life. The three artists, immersing themselves in their own process of introspection respectively, try to rediscover the “second self” that exists in another universe and peers back from the other side of the mirror.

After the performance there will be a talk during which the three artists will share with audience their ideas behind the work.





About the Performers 关于表演者

LEVELS is a performance group comprised of Jared Mimm (U.S), Wenting Sun (China) and Francisco Hauss (Mexico). The three artists come from different art backgrounds including conceptual performance art, dance and choreographing, and contemporary sculpture. Their different perspectives and practices allow them to create truly unique and dynamic collaborations.

Jared Mimm is an American conceptual performance artist based in Shanghai, China. His work examines social systems from everyday life, within the context of living in the urban jungle of a megacity. He often develops projects with a partner, or invites the audience to interact with him during his performance, as an integral part of his art practice. Reoccurring themes in his art deal with the body, nonverbal communication, ritual, sound, and intimacy.

Sun Wenting is a former Assistant Arts Professor at NYU Shanghai. She holds an MFA in dance from the University of Utah. As a performer, Wenting has worked with Slate Dance, Molly Heller, Satu Hummasti, and Netta Yerushalmy. She has performed, choreographed and taught throughout the United States, China, Europe and Japan. Her commercial work has led her to work in London with Immersive International, creating choreography with motion captured dance for private art commissions. She focuses on how the future of contemporary dance will be informed and expanded by new technologies.

Francisco Hauss is a Mexican artist. His practice covers a variety of media including installation, happening, performance, ritual, sculpture and music. His work celebrates nature as an intelligent system by embracing recently coined theories like dynamic systems, morphogenesis and biosemiotics and long forgotten believes, like the indigenous mysticism, and the empathetic phenomenology that it implies; and probes into the possibilities between cross-species and cultural systems.

LEVELS是一个由 Jared Mimm(美国)Wenting Sun(中国)和Francisco Hauss(墨西哥)组成的表演团体。这三位艺术家分别来自观念行为艺术、舞蹈编导和当代雕塑等富有创造性的多元化背景。他们对不同艺术实践的不同观点和艺术哲学融合在一起,创造出真正独特且赋予活力的表演。

Jared Mimm是一位驻扎在上海的美国观念艺术家。他的作品从日常生活中审视社会制度,运用大城市内部的生活语境。他通常在他的演出中依靠邀请观众参与作为作品的一部分展开自己的作品,这是作为他的艺术家实践。他艺术中反复出现的主题涉及身体、非语言交流、仪式、声音和亲密行为。

孙文婷,曾任上海纽约大学舞蹈系艺术舞蹈教授。她拥有犹他大学舞蹈硕士学位。作为一名舞者、舞蹈编导,文婷曾与Slate Dance、Molly Heller、Satu Hummasti和Netta Yerushalmy合作,曾在美国、中国、欧洲和日本进行表演、编舞和教学工作。她的商业作品曾与伦敦Immersive国际设计事务所合作,为私人艺术委托创作动作捕捉编舞。她的研究领域在科技与多媒体跨界启发和拓展现代舞的方向。

Francisco Hauss是一位墨西哥艺术家,他通过装置、偶发、行为艺术、仪式、雕塑以及音乐等多种媒介来传递他的创作观念。他论述自然内部的交流和进化过程,质疑并探索自然在文化中的角色与意义,以及自然如何作为科学对象,神秘主义的象征,装饰和资源以及生命的起源而产生。他的作品提出跨物种与文化系统之间的种种可能性。

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