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Time Traveler 时光旅行者

Time Traveler
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Time Traveler hopes to evoke visually spatial memories of the era of the Shanghai Museum, presenting the overlap of two times and spaces — a natural history and culture muse of the 1930s and a contemporary art museum of 2012, reuniting the two spaces that stand at either end of this temporal axis. All the artists participating in this exhibition have in the past or are still currently working with classical material, dead forms and historical incidents as their mode of expression in their art. These works of art seem to return to the narrative approach to history of the era of the Shanghai Museum, which legitimated power to narrate history a traditional museum gains by virtue of possessing treasures. But the contemporary artists no longer obsess with the one and only historical discourse. They help us to reconstruct our cultural identity and mode of existence by employing artificial history and geography.



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