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“Retreat for Progress” Slogan Seals 以退为进 展览纪念印章

“Retreat for Progress” Slogan Seals
以退为进 展览纪念印章
170 RMB


Material: wood rubber

Single size: 3*3cm

Set size: 17.5*4*5.2 cm

Each set contains five images




套装尺寸:17.5*4*5.2 cm



The "Retreat for Progress" exhibition slogan seals is designed from the artist Qiu Zhijie's work "Monument to Revolutionary Words".
Qiu Zhijie's work, Monument to Revolutionary Words, is a selection of various revolutionary slogans and words that the artist has used throughout China's long history, spanning from the Chen Sheng Wu Guang uprising in 300 B.C. until recently. Revolutions and uprisings have always erupted periodically throughout Chinese history, creating periodic shocks in Chinese history. And each revolution always presents some famous aphorisms, words and phrases that bear in mind the ideals and desires of that era.



邱志杰的作品《革命话语的纪念碑》是艺术家在中国漫长的历史中选择了各种各样的革命口号和革命话语,这些跨度从公元前300 年的陈胜吴光起义直到最近。在中国历史上总是周期性地爆发革命和起义,形成了中国历史的周期性震荡。而每一次革命总是会提出一些著名的警句,这些词句铭记着那个时代的理想和欲望。

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170 RMB