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John Armleder "Again, Just Again" Socks 约翰•阿姆莱德:再,再 衍生品袜子

John Armleder "Again, Just Again" Socks
约翰•阿姆莱德:再,再 衍生品袜子
39 RMB


Size: Free size

Material: Cotton





The design was inspired by the furniture sculpture series in the second floor exhibition hall. The artist JOHN ARMLEDER placed this series of painted surface works together with the installation works, breaking the limits of the creative medium and combining them to become FURNITURE SCULPTURE. During the development process, we experimented with different media as a way of understanding and continuing the artist's creative vision. The socks are made of pure cotton, which not only guarantees comfort, but their bright colors will also be the finishing touch to your look. The design of the socks is even loved by the artist himself!


设计灵感来源于二楼展厅的家具雕塑系列作品。艺术家JOHN ARMLEDER将这一系列绘面作品与装置作品一同放置,突破了创作媒介的限制,结合成为了家具雕塑 (FURNITURE SCULPTURE)。研发过程中,我们在不同的媒介上进行不断尝试,这也是对艺术家创作理念的理解和延续。这款袜子采用纯棉制作,不仅保证了舒适度,其亮眼的颜色也将成为你穿搭造型的点睛之笔。袜子的设计更是深受艺术家本人的喜爱!

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39 RMB