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John Armleder: Again, Just Again 约翰·阿姆莱德:再,再

John Armleder: Again, Just Again
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Rockbund Art Museum is very pleased to present the first major survey exhibition of the renowned Swiss artist John Armleder in China. “Again, Just Again” will be on display from 16 October, 2021 to 19 December, 2021. As the inaugural highly anticipated exhibition after the museum’s major renovation, “Again, Just Again” is a celebration of his influential five decades of work and inspired by the many inter-disciplinary detours in art throughout this journey. The exhibition features an ambitious display of new and existing work such as painting, ready-mades, works created on-site, works on paper, site-specific wall drawings, and archival material. With each floor of the museum, the spaces inside and outside of exhibition halls have been transformed through a unique scenography assembled to guide the audience through a choreography of unexpected encounters and visual experiences.


上海外滩美术馆荣幸地宣布,于2021年10月16日至2021年12月19日举办瑞士著名艺术家约翰·阿姆莱德在中国的首次大型个展 “再,再”。作为美术馆全面翻新后备受期待的首展,“再,再”以艺术家跨学科的多元创作实践为线索,向国内观众呈现了他五十余年的艺术探索之路。除了最具标志性的代表作,展览还将呈现艺术家的近作和为上海外滩美术馆特别创作的作品,展品涵盖绘画、现成品、在地创作、纸本、特定场域墙绘及文献材料等。同时,美术馆每一层展厅的内外空间都通过独特的置景进行了改造,引导观众开启一场精心编排的不期而遇和视觉盛宴。

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