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Francis Alÿs: La dépense Sketchbook “消耗”展览绑带速写本

Francis Alÿs: La dépense Sketchbook
69 RMB


Material: leather, paper
Size: 21.5 x 14.5 cm


尺寸:21.5× 14.5 cm


"Walking" is Francis Alÿs' way of creating, and wherever he goes he carries a notebook to record his sudden inspirations and thoughts. to record his sudden inspirations and thoughts.
Based on the artist's sketchbook, this sketchbook has a new design that echoes the exhibition. The cover is made of a nice, handy cowhide leather that will gradually oxidize and change color over time, allowing you to see the time spent with it in your busy life.
The inner pages are made of light writing paper, soft to the touch and smooth to write, with soft colors for long-term use. The backing is made of the same light-colored grid as the artist's, and the binding is made of a wire binding that does not easily fall off the page.


“行走”是弗朗西斯 • 埃利斯常用的创作方式,不论去哪他都会携带一本笔记本用于记录自己突然的灵感以及所思所想。

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69 RMB