Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

RAM Commissions RAM 委约

1 January 2020
2020年 1月 1日

Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) is delighted to introduce RAM Commissions, a long-term commission project conceived to jump out of the frame and to stand alongside art practitioners to materialize their constructive ideas. Rather than promoting only identities, communities, nationalities, this series of the project unfolds commonalities to an elsewhere where risk taking becomes an urgent necessity as well as a quest for pleasure into the flatten map of the (art) world. It is not an abstract theory, neither a complex ecology, but just a move to stand up and think, grow, learn, create with the other.

We are the witnesses of a traumatic contemporary history but also the critical actors of the unseen past, present and future. In 2020, RAM initiated this long-term Commission Project, aiming to build a longstanding platform to support artists, curators, researchers, focusing on different practices active in Asia and its surrounding regions, providing funding and curatorial support to commissioned creators. Each year through RAM Commissions, we will invite and accompany 5-8 projects.

上海外滩美术馆很荣幸地推出RAM Commissions这一长期委任创作项目,旨在跳出艺术界的既定框架,陪伴艺术从业者实现他们的建设性想法。这一系列计划不仅关注多元的身份、社群和种族,更展现“他地”的共性——在那里冒险已经成为迫切的需要,同时在贫瘠的(艺术)世界地图中探索乐趣。它并非是一个抽象理论或复杂生态,只是一个与他人并肩思考、成长、学习、创造的举动。

我们是当代创伤性历史的见证者,也是不可见的过去、现在和未来中的关键参与者。2020年,上海外滩美术馆发起这一长期的委任创作项目,旨在建立一个长存的平台,支持亚洲及其周边地区艺术家、策展人和研究者的实践,为受委托的创作者提供资金和展览支持。每届RAM Commissions,我们将邀请5-8个项目创作,并陪伴它们成长。