Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

RAM Assembles 外滩建筑节

Launched in 2023, RAM Assembles is a biennial festival for interdisciplinary thinking in architecture and design, jointly launched by the Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) and the ROCKBUND team. RAM Assembles aims to bring together diverse perspectives on historical and new architecture, engaging a wide range of fields concerning contemporary architecture, urbanism, art, and design. For each edition of this biennial, RAM will invite an architect as an artistic director to create a new architectural intervention in the ROCKBUND neighborhood, with a specific focus on the Museum Plaza. Considering the bund area as a dynamic site for experimentation, activations, and interventions, RAM Assembles expands the museum's current exhibition and research program beyond its walls and prompts further exploration of the emerging social conditions of our time.

"RAM Assembles 外滩建筑节”由上海外滩美术馆与洛克·外滩源共同发起,自2023年开始每两年举办一次,跨学科性地思考建筑与设计。外滩建筑节旨在汇集多种历史建筑与新建筑方面的观点,涉及当代建筑、城市规划、艺术和设计等多个领域。每届外滩建筑节,上海外滩美术馆都将邀请一位建筑师作为艺术总监,对外滩源街道中的建筑进行一次新的介入,并特别关注博物院广场这一空间。外滩建筑节视外滩为一个充满实验性、活性与可介入性的动态场所,将美术馆当前的展览和研究项目延伸至美术馆之外,鼓励进一步探索当代社会中浮现的新议题。

    Ongoing 正在进行