Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆


29 September 2017 – 4 October 2017
2017年 9月 29日 – 2017年 10月 4日

Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) is delighted to announce the launch of the annual art project “RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017: DISPLACE”, opening on September 29 and running until October 4, 2017. Following the success of the first edition last year, “RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017” continues its exploration of cutting-edge creativity in the fields of contemporary art and culture. Ten artists from around the world will be invited to present a rich and dynamic configuration of programs in the museum over a relatively short span of a week. “DISPLACE” cannot simply be pigeonholed as exhibition, performance, dance, or theater, yet it encompasses different overlapping layers of visual and audio elements as well as performances. The art project will foster a diverse yet open viewing experience along with myriad means of audience participation with the project’s unique statements and expressions.

Through the accumulation of changing temporal and spatial experiences, “DISPLACE” offers up unexpected events that will land everyday in the museum: improvisational activities deriving from sports, dance, music, social media, “eco-care”, family relationships, or even cooking. Moreover, a program running one night through to early dawn—which will allow spectators to follow time’s plunge into darkness—will spark unexpected encounters with the artists and generate much energy and wonder. In formal terms, “DISPLACE” transforms the galleries into a boundary-breaking experimental space.

As Larys Frogier, Director of RAM says, "The dynamic of change, circulation, activation generated by ‘DISPLACE’ is reinforced by the gathering of a group of artists but it is actually what constitutes the core of ‘DISPLACE’: each artist has conceived a project that often stands within the tension between different art practices, switching social positions and media, creating ambiguous situations where the acts of looking, showing, stating, performing are never forever fixed but always extended, exchanged, mixed, embodied and addressed as a full act of creation and as a necessary process of thinking.”

上海外滩美术馆很荣幸地宣布将于2017年9月29日至10月4日呈现年度艺术项目RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017:“错置”,诚邀十位来自不同国家的艺术家,在短暂的一周里带来精彩纷呈的项目。继首届RAM HIGHLIGHT“张鼎:风卷残云”于2016年的成功举办,RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017将继续探索当代艺术与文化领域的前沿和创新。“错置”无法简单被归类为展览、表演、舞蹈和戏剧中的任何一项,而是展现并重叠不同层面的视觉/听觉元素以及行为,以独特的陈述及表现为观众营造多元且开放的观看体验及参与方式。


“RAM HIGHLIGHT并非典型意义上的展览,而是具有互动性的事件,”上海外滩美术馆馆长拉瑞斯·弗洛乔(Larys Frogier)表示,“‘错置’的核心让艺术家们构思的项目转化为一种富于媒介性的立场,形成一种模糊的状况,使得观看、展示、陈述、表演/行为不会被固化,并且在实践的过程中发生延伸与综合,触发更多的社会循环与多元的运动意识。艺术家在与观众发生联系的过程中,也在不断挑战自己的身份。”