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The Subtle Body 微妙的身体

Event Information

Date: 25 October 2013
Time: 11:00 13:00
Venue: 2F Y.W.C.A Building
Speaker: Michael Leibenluft
Language: Chinese,English


日期: 2013年 10月 25日
时间: 11:00 13:00
场馆: 女青年会大楼二楼
主讲人: Michael Leibenluft
语言: 中文,英文

The playwright, director, and cast of New York theater company Gold No Trade's production of The Subtle Body will engage in a dialogue with the public in anticipation of the play's premiere at the Shanghai Dramatic Art Center's ACT Festival on November 5th and 6th. The ensemble will perform excerpts from the bilingual historical comedy that explores "scientific and romantic experimentations on the human heart" when a British couple travels to Qing-era China to research pulse diagnosis in Chinese medicine. A group of local experts will respond to the piece and engage in a discussion about the history of Chinese and Western medicine and challenges of translation in multicultural theatrical projects.

About the planner

Michael Leibenluft is an American theater director, performer, and instructor and a 2010 recipient of the U.S. Department of State’s China Fulbright Research Grant.Michael graduated in 2010 as a double major in Theater Studies and East Asian Studies from Yale University. At Yale, Michael directed seven plays, including two original works. He has also conducted independent research on contemporary performance in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

“微妙的身体”是纽约戏剧公司Gold No Trade的作品,该剧将在11月5日和6日上海话剧艺术中心行为艺术节首演,参与作品创作的剧作家、导演、演员会通过表演与观众进行交流。剧团将节选精华的双语历史喜剧片段来表演,通过英国夫妇穿越到中国秦代研究中医切诊的剧情假设,来探索“对人类心脏进行的科学而浪漫的实验。”届时,当地的专家会对中医与西医的历史发表自己的观点,也会有学者对于多元文化喜剧项目的挑战作出评述。