Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Vital Experimental Sound Art Festival - Shanghai Vital 实验声音艺术节·上海

Event Information

Date: 13 November 2021
Time: 12:30 14:00
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum


日期: 2021年 11月 13日
时间: 12:30 14:00
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆

About the Event 关于活动

Vital is coming to Shanghai! As its name implies, a vitality, a drive, despite its insistence on remaining a tiny. Amidst the plight of being swallowed up by consumer culture everywhere, staying tiny seems to be a law of survival and a choice forced upon us, but why can't tiny things gather great energy? Can it not shine? It is said that a single spark can start a prairie fire. The inaugural exhibition at the Bund Art Museum in Shanghai coincides with the renovation of the museum. It was a perfect fit for Vital to take place in the work of John Armleder. For one thing, Johann Amrheide is an unconventional and unconventional artist of his generation, and we can see him as a typical non-mainstream artist; Vital's exhibition presents a spiritual connection between different times and backgrounds; for another, in Vital's forthcoming exhibition hall on the fourth floor, mirrored reflections are spread throughout the space, and all coverings and embellishments become hypocritical and impotent, forming a stage for self-reflection. The stage is set for self-reflection. This is exactly what we expect, an encounter of naked equality.

8 Solos, eight soloists. Why eight? It is a coincidence, but also a providential one. The number "eight", in our tradition, contains a kind of wholeness. It is said that the four elephants give birth to the eight trigrams. Eight individuals, eight different directions. Although different, all present are at the centre of this accumulation of energy, ultimately forming a holistic energy field. The solo, on the other hand, represents a clear state of being, presenting and emphasising the uniqueness of each direction even more.

In such a sharp as a knife scene, we have no great skill or subtlety of coordination to show, we will not even perform, all we can do is to be honest and relative. Can a star start a fire? We have no empirical evidence, nor do we need to make overly optimistic assumptions, but even a spark, even a tiny one, can shine and cannot be ignored. (Photo Cygnet)

8 Solos.
Selling: A Song
Yin Yi: Pushead
Sun Wei: Notebook Spiked Feedback
Loud: Island
Zhuyuan: Plastic Reply
Yan Jun: Feedback Solo
Luo Tianrui: 'Generations' Shanghai Ferry
Xu Cheng: Guided Tour



8 Solos,八个独奏。为何是八个?是机缘巧合,也未尝不是天意。“八”这个数字,在我们的传统中,包含了一种整体性。是谓,四象生八卦。八个个体,八个不同的方向。虽然各不相同,但是在场的所有人都在这个能量积聚的中心,最终形成一个整体性的能量场。而独奏,代表了一种明确的状态,更呈现和强调各个方位的唯一性。


8 Solos:







罗天瑞:‘Generations’ 上海轮渡


About the Artists and Programme 关于艺术家和节目简介

Mai Mai
Playwright, director, experimental musician
Born in 1982 in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province
Graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2006, now lives in Shanghai

In 2006, he formed the experimental rock band Muscle Snog as vocalist/guitarist and lyricist, which disbanded after the release of their debut album 'mind shop' in 2009. In 2008, he started to run the improvised music group "R.E.S.O." and began to experiment with improvised music as a solo artist. In 2013, his short film "The Cowards" was selected for the International Competition at the Tampere Film Festival in Finland, one of the top three short film festivals in Europe. International Film Festival and won the night award in the International Competition.

Works: Song One

Yin Yi
Musician, artist and curator. Born in Shanghai.

He formed the slow-core band "Death Poetry Society" in 1998 as a bassist and vocalist and turned to digital music creation in 2001. Yin Yi's early musical career included musical performance, contemporary dance and physical theatre. In recent years, his musical practice has focused on solo live music performance and the exploration of the functionality of music in social structures. Based on a deeper consideration and research of 'listening' and 'sound', Yin Yi has developed a cross-media artistic practice that includes performance, sound, video and installation. Perception, identity, culture and media have become the focus of his work. For him, art is a recipe for self-healing and a touchstone for reflection and action.

Work: Pushead, recorded using acoustic instruments, white noise filtered.

Sun Wei
Artist, sound worker, working between the field and the live, involving ambient recordings, electronic improvisation, compositions and site-specific sound installations, and trying to blur the boundaries.

Work: Laptop spiked feedback, laptop, amplifier, clutter, passing time and uncertain audience.

Born in 1984 in Chengdu, China, DJ and experimental musician. Mainly creates electronic music, field recordings and electronic acoustic compositions. Practises artistic projects that combine sound, body and performance.

Works: Island, compositions using pre-recordings, vocals, body.

Shou Junyuan
Artist, "Where is the Zeitgeist?" Editorial Edit

Work: Plastic Reply, a piece done with the audience. Very simple, I give the questions and the audience reply to me in plastic.

Yan Jun
Mainly doing field recordings, live performances and electronic compositions. The work is very simple. Sometimes there are physical movements, not always with sound (or without).

Work: Feedback Solo
Because my own equipment is unreliable, I'm picky about the power of the venue, so much so that I rarely perform this piece. This time I decided to give it a try anyway. The main thing is to use body movements to influence the feedback noise. The controllable part is about 25%, I think. Every room, every set of sound, every power supply has a different result, and sometimes I get so mad that I start thinking "what is improvisation anyway?" "Is this not what you want?" Questions like that.

Luo Tianrui
Luo Tianrui is a recording artist based in Shanghai.

Work: 'Generations' Shanghai Ferry

1) a generation (within the same family)
2) generation, occurrence.

Generations is a project that uses live recordings and analogue tapes to create site-specific abstract soundscapes through repeated improvisations. A 'Generation' is created by recording, reusing and overlaying each performance. The end product is a complex, multi-layered abstraction built on the original DNA of each previous Generation. The project took two years to assemble and program a hybrid digital/analogue installation in order to realise this process of generation creation. This performance includes recordings I have completed on all current Shanghai ferry routes. The earliest recordings were made on the Chongming Island ferry in 2009, before the Yangtze River bridge and tunnel were built. The majority of the recordings were made in the last few months for this performance. Each 'Generation' was created through the performance.

Xu Cheng
Xu Cheng is a sound artist, sound event practitioner and organiser living in Shanghai. He was a key member of the noise group Torturing Nurse and has worked in various fields of experimental music, free improvisation and electronic music. In addition to the ontology of sound, Xu Cheng is also concerned with the interrelationship between sound and social space and its related behaviours and manifestations. His works are presented in various forms such as audio-visual performance, installation, music and theatre.

Works: Introduction
Liezi learnt the Way from Hu Qiu Zi. After nine years, his eyes were like his ears, his ears were like his nose, his nose was like his mouth, and his mouth was no different. He then travelled on the wind to a city. Liezi's journey never took him near the border, never, and this is still a long way from the pedestrian street. Just imagining a part of the pedestrian street now made Liezi tired, and he could not imagine anything else but people. Even if he hadn't got lost on the way there, he would have gotten lost when he flew to the pedestrian street, which was so big that it was impossible not to get stuck in it, and besides, Lenko didn't have a flying licence.





2006年卖卖组建实验摇滚乐队Muscle Snog,任主唱/吉他手和词曲作者,乐队09年兵马司发行了首张专辑《mind shop》后解散。08年,卖卖开始运行即兴音乐组织“R.E.S.O.”,同时开始以个人身份进行即兴音乐的尝试。卖卖的影像创作以实验短片为主,2013年,短片作品《胆小鬼们》入围了欧洲三大短片电影节之一——芬兰坦佩雷电影节国际竞赛单元。2012年,短片作品《桃花源:厌世解决方案》入围了第十一届法国Signes de Nuit国际电影节,获国际竞赛单元night award奖。




















作品:‘Generations’ 上海轮渡



1) (同一家族内的)一代人

2) 产生,发生。



徐程是生活在上海的声音艺术家,声音活动实践者与组织者。他曾是噪音团体Torturing Nurse的主要成员之一,并涉足实验音乐、自由即兴、电子音乐等多个领域。于声音的本体论外,徐程也关注着声音与社会空间的相互关系与其相关行为与显现方式。其作品以视听表演、装置、音乐、剧场等多种形式呈现。



John Armleder: Again, Just Again 约翰·阿姆莱德:再,再