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RAM sound: Regulated anarchy RAM声音:可调节的无序

Event Information

Date: 9 December 2012 8 December 2012
Time: 11:00 11:00
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2012年 12月 9日 8 December 2012
时间: 11:00 11:00
场馆: 协进大楼1F



Performers: MATTHIAS MUCHE, HAHNE SVEN, Vvzela Qu, Echo Ho, Yin Yi, Zhao Junyuan

Admission Free. Reservation is required.

Regulated anarchy

In this project german and chinese musician and media-artist are meeting to exchange their artistical work in an improvised performance-situation. The first meeting of the group had been during "frischzelle" festival for intermedial performance in cologne/germany in october 2012 and the second part takes places in Beijing, Shanghai and Hang Zhou.

The main idea is to develop a unique improvised audiovisual performance, letting hereby collide all their cultural educations, -clichés and -thinkings but being able to communicate using their common languages of music and image, creating a homogenous fusion of media and mind.

The project will be funded by the Kunststiftung NRW and the city of Cologne.


MATTHIAS MUCHE (born.1972) lives in Cologne and works as musician and media artist. He studied trombone at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, in Rotterdam and at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Cologne with Bart van Lier, Henning Berg and Paulo Alvares and also audiovisual media with Anthony Moore at the academy of media arts cologne.

As media artist, Muche combines contemporary music with new media in his audiovisual works. He is founder member of ZEITKUNST, which is an association for the advancement and conveyance of audiovisual art.

HAHNE, SVEN (laptop), born 1978 in Karlsruhe, lives in Cologne and works as video artist, programmer, media artist, music producer and performer. He studied informatics at the university of Karlsruhe and audiovisual media at the academy of media arts cologne. His works have been on display at the ZKM karlsruhe, at the Kunsthalle Muzernok in Budapest and at the Millenium Center in beijing.

Furthermore he is founder member of "ZEITKUNST", which is an association fot the advancement and conveyance of audiovisual art (

Echo Ho's artistic approach stretches across the field of acoustic and visual installations, as well as inter-medial live performances and conceptual compositional practice.

Throughout her work she explores underlying artifacts of globalization and urbanization, thereby attempting to define a distinct migrational and mobile identity as well as to ironically reconstitute historical values of her national cultural identity.

Vvzela QU

Born in Dalian in Mar.1990. Graduated from Dalian No.15 High School in 2009,

now study in Open Media Lab, School of Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art.

Cofounder of OnionCapsule Hacker Space, the first Hacker Space in Art

Academy. Member of ASDICON art group.

Started Audio&Visual performance in late 2011, and was invited to participate in

Frischzelle Festival and Dusseldorf Festival in Sep.2012, Cologne and

Dusseldorf. Selected works are “Parallel”, “DataMatrix”series.

Yin Yi, a Shanghai based composer, sound artist and phonographer.

Founder of “BM ” Art Space(

As an independent composer, his range of work includes live music performance, audiovisual, contemporary dance, physical theatre and film.

Yin Yi focuses on the sound from city and daily life and researches by his location recording project “City Sound Travel”. He also make sound installation and video art to descriptor his "Sound Art".

Jun-Y Ciao

Born in Shanghai.2006 graduate the study at the academy of fine arts Duesseldorf, Germany. The member of the free music group MTDM.2009 make the acoustic-electronic project “Power Quality Wood” with Olaf Hochherz.

马提亚斯•穆赫MATTHIAS MUCHE ,斯芬·哈纳HAHNE SVEN ,曲倩雯,Echo Ho,殷漪,照骏园


表演:马提亚斯•穆赫MATTHIAS MUCHE ,斯芬·哈纳HAHNE SVEN ,曲倩雯,Echo Ho,殷漪,照俊园





Echo Ho











作曲家、声音艺术家、声音记录者。BM ( 艺术空间创建人。殷漪的音乐创作领域包括:现场音乐表演、现代舞、肢体剧场。




出生于上海。2006年毕业于德国杜塞尔多夫艺术学院。2005年与陶轶共同组建自由音乐乐团“没腿的马(MTDM)”。2009年建立了一个和电子乐手Olaf Hochherz的合作项目“木电质(Power Quality Wood)”。