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RAM Performance:As Such RAM表演:《如是》听演会

Event Information

Date: 16 March 2013
Time: 11:00 11:00
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building
Language: Chinese


日期: 2013年 3月 16日
时间: 11:00 11:00
场馆: 协进大楼1F
语言: 中文

Production: Script Reading Group (Du Jue Xi)

Director: He Minghui

Writer : He Minghui, Qu Lili

Performers: Ba Mu, Tang Yang, Sha Baobei, He Minghui,Zuo Fei

Sound Effects:Wang Wei

As Such

The term "As Such" (Ru Shi) derives from the Zen phrase "reflect as such" (ying zuo ru shi guan), meaning "that is the way things are".

The performance Ru Shi is brought by young director He Minghui and his group Script Reading (Du Jue Xi). Quasi-drama in certain sense, the show will be executed in a space of complete darkness, with human voice recitation of scripts combined with various other sounds.

The show consists of two parts. The four chapters of the first part are inspired by Duan Jianyu's paintings, introducing an audio interpretation to visual experience. The second part, however, will invite the audience to participate in the process of creation so as to share a unique audio experience.

About Script Reading

The local artistic group Script Reading, (Du Jue Xi in Chinese), which focuses on script reciting performance, was founded in 2011 by young director He Minghui and his companions. The group's vocation, defined as "naive contemplation of the theater", is embodied in various aspects, such as free access to the show for the public, low cost performance as way of expression, selection of scripts which reflects contemporary life, acquiring funds via public art project platforms, rigorous theatrical training of artists and so on. Ever since its foundation, the group has executed script reciting performances such as Art, Beethoven in China, etc. Projects including Monument, Dreams May Come, and Tea House, will be carried out in 2013.

Special Notice

Please keep quiet after your admission and to make sure that your mobile phone and other communication devices are all turned off. All the personal filming and photographing is forbidden during the performance. Thanks for your cooperation!











“读角(jue第二声)戏”,英文名“Script Reading”作为专门致力于剧本朗读演出的民间社团,成立于2011年,由青年导演何鸣晖与他的伙伴们共同发起。读角戏的使命是“朴素的剧场思索”,表现在所有演出公益免费、选择低成本的表现方式——剧本朗读、选择关注当下视角的剧本、通过艺术计划公募平台筹措资金、对于演员剧场功力的严格程度等方面。成立以来,已经推出了《艺术》、《贝多芬在中国》等剧本朗读演出,2013年将推出《纪念碑》、《梦想照进现实》、《茶馆》等剧本朗读演出。