Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

RAM Conversation Golem: Sensory Games on the Continent of Arthropods RAM对谈:Golem:节肢大陆上的感官游戏

Event Information

Date: 2 August 2019
Time: 11:00 12:30
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: 33EMYBW, Ag
Language: Chinese


日期: 2019年 8月 2日
时间: 11:00 12:30
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
主讲人: 33EMYBW、Ag
语言: 中文

About the Conversation 关于对谈

33EMYBW is a solo project initiated by 33, bass player of Shanghai-based electronic music group Duck Fight Goose. As a fixture of the city’s dynamic independent music scene, 33’s sensual music is described as “evoking arthropod moves” in an ethereal and rhythmic sound ritual. In the meantime, she builds collages by piling up her selfies, arthropods and even alien creatures together. When these seemingly irrelevant elements are combined together, an avant-garde visual language comes into being, brining audience a somewhat absurd and yet penetrating sensual experience.

33’s unique vision could be perceived in her solo album Golem. In Hebrew folklore, a golem is a clay creature that has been magically brought to life. The word in Hebrew means something incomplete or unfinished, and could be imbued with soul. Every song included in this album represents a mythological story, which, in a sense, makes the album an audio instruction of “golem”. In the music video of Golem, a weird creature with two black pigtails on the head rhythmically releases a “mechanical sense of beauty”. According to 33, it is a “spiritual being with the awareness of self-reproduction” and grows into an extremely absurd composite of magic. Her perception of the world runs through the album and at the core of the seemingly bizarre and surrealistic music and visual experiment is 33’s investigation into the ego and the soul under the futuristic background of science and technology.

“Golem” in folklore is a clay creature that has been magically brought to life. It could be imbued with soul and appear in a variety of forms. In a sense, 33EMYBW is also a “golem” that is shaped by the integration of fashion, music and various visual elements. As a result, music becomes visible and images, audible, generating an electronic map constituted by perceptual intersections. The eponymous song is included in 33EMYBW’s most recent solo album Golem.

RAM invites 33EMYBW and writer Ag to join the conversation and talk about 33EMYBW’s perception of the world as well as how she manages to integrate that into her music.

33EMYBW 是上海电子乐队鸭打鹅贝斯手 33 的个人计划。她的音乐以魔性诡谲的感官冲击及被描述为“节肢舞步声响”的低重律动,活跃在上海独立音乐场景中。同时,她用拼贴的方式将自拍照、节肢类昆虫甚至是外星物种堆放,让这些元素以不同的形态展现出前卫的视觉语言,带给观众怪诞锋利的感官享受。

33 对世界的感知有着独特的视角,这在她的个人专辑《Golem》得到了呈现。魔像 (Golem)是希伯来传说中用巫术灌注粘土而产生自由行动能力的人偶,寓指上帝未塑造完全的人类,可被注入和生成灵魂。专辑里的每一首歌都代表着一个神话典故,是一本用声音构建的魔像说明书。在《Golem》的MV中,一个头上长着两根黑辫子的怪异生物富有节奏地挥舞着“机械美感”,33 称之为“有着自我复制意识的灵体”,并成为一种极端怪异的魔性复合体。对世界感知的描述贯穿了整张专辑,看似荒诞且超现实的音乐和视觉试验下,是 33 处于未来主义的科技背景下对于自我和灵魂的思考。

从某种意义而言,33EMYBW 本人也是经由各种元素被糅杂塑造在一起的 “魔像”,于是音乐能被看见,图像能被听见,生成了一幅由感知的交叉点构成的电子地图。这支同名单曲收录在 33EMYBW 全新的个人专辑《Golem》当中。

本次对谈我们邀请 33EMYBW 与写作者 Ag 一起,聊聊她是如何感知这个世界,并将其融入到音乐创作中的。

About the Speakers 关于讲者

Shanghai native 33EMYBW (Wu Shanmin) has been an active member in the Chinese music scene for over a decade. A core member of Shanghai's most well-known experimental rock/electronic band 'Duck Fight Goose'. Over the years 33 has been a member of numerous bands including 33 Island, Boojii and Muscle Snog. In 2015, 33EMYBW released her first solo single "EMSYGYDL" on SVBKVLT's "Downpour" compilation and in 2017 released her debut album "Medusa" on Beijing's D Force Records. As well as regularly playing throughout China, she has performed at CTM Festival and Sinotronics Festival in Germany, China Drifting Festival in Switzerland and SXSW. Her 2018 album "Golem", released on SVBKVLT, was met with critical acclaim and was voted one of the best electronic albums of 2018 by Bandcamp, as well as gaining support and praise from the likes of Kode9, Desto, Akito, 8ulentina and many more. In 2019, she released "DONG2" EP under Merrie Records Beijing, blending traditional DONG minority sound from Guizhou Province into her unique sound design and productions.

Ag, Writer. Born in 1985 in Shanghai. Ag has worked on and produced short stories, commentaries, curated exhibitions, visual imagery and performance art. Her books include the short story collections The Boundless Bedroom and Shanghai Geographical Notes.

33EMYBW 现居上海。近年来以制作人的身份活跃于上海勃兴的电子音乐场景中。她擅长从现代跳舞音乐、民族音乐及丰富的视觉阅读中汲取灵感,将多种混合的概念化元素提炼为极具个人风格的低音律动和令人惊艳的实验性声音设计。2015年,33 在上海电子厂牌 SVBKVLT 发布了单曲 《EMSYGYDL》,并正式开启其个人艺术项目。2017年她在北京大福唱片发表首张个人专辑《Medusa》,专辑同名单曲随即被评为当年阿比鹿音乐奖最佳电子单曲。 2018年,她在 SVBKVLT 发表的《GOLEM》被 Bandcamp 选为当年最佳电子音乐专辑,并深受包括 Kode9, Desto, Akito, 8ulentina 在内众多制作人及DJ的喜爱。

33EMYBW33 还是国内著名实验电子乐队是鸭打鹅的核心成员,并曾参与上海多支重要独立乐队,包括 33岛、波激小丝(BooJii)、Muscle Snog 等,她的表演的足迹遍布各地,包括德国Sinotronics festiva 、美国 SXSW festival、瑞士 China Drifting festival、柏林 CTM 音乐节(Turmoil,2018)等。2019年,她融合贵州侗族大歌与她独特节奏与声音设计的电子专辑《DONG2》在北京美丽唱片发表。

Ag,写作者,1985 年生于上海。创作涉及短篇小说、评论、策展、影像等行为。著有短篇集《无限的卧室》《上海地理注疏》。