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Propeller Girl and Other Tales 朗诵 + 摄影作品放映:螺旋桨女孩和其他故事

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Date: 11 May 2012 Invalid Date
Time: 11:00 Invalid Date
Venue: 2F, Rockbund Art Museum


日期: 2012年 5月 11日 Invalid Date
时间: 11:00 Invalid Date
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆 2楼

Michael Ryan/Huang Fangling/Gu Zheng


Book Reading + Slide Show: Propeller Girl and Other Tales

Speakers: Michael Ryan (English), Huang Fangling (Chinese)

Special Guest: Gu Zheng

Language: English and Chinese

“Propeller Girl and Other Tales” is a photo book with surrealistic stories written by the Irish photographer Michael Ryan. For years, Ryan has fabricated the stories for her daughter, and produced the pictures as the “proofs” of the tales. Being inspired by the traditional Victorian fairytales, particularly from the illustrations of Alice in Wonderland, Ryan’s work is a bit “on the dark side”. His daughter, who played the roles of the Propeller Girl, Eleanor Grumpy, the Girl in the Cage, is the protagonist throughout the whole book. For this event, Michael Ryan will read selected stories with slide show; the renowned drama actress Huang Fangling will read them in Chinese. The distinguished scholar and photo critic Gu Zheng is invited as the special guest, to have the conversation with Ryan, and give his understanding on the works.

Michael Ryan、黄芳翎、顾铮


朗诵者:Michael Ryan(英文), 黄芳翎(中文)



来自爱尔兰的摄影师Michael Ryan为他的女儿写下了《螺旋桨女孩和其他故事》这本超现实的阴暗诡秘的冒险故事,并以其女儿为主角,持续数年创作了一系列照片作为这些虚构故事的“证据”。此次,Ryan将从这本摄影集和近两年的最新创作中,挑选6个精彩的故事配合投影画面进行现场朗读,著名话剧演员黄芳翎将朗读故事的中文版。此外著名摄影评论家顾铮先生将在现场与艺术家展开对话,并提供他对这些作品的解读。届时还将放映艺术家的两部video短片。