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Live Performance: PARADIS/Paradise Live Performance:PARADIS(天堂组合)

Event Information

Date: 5 August 2012 Invalid Date
Time: 11:00 Invalid Date
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2012年 8月 5日 Invalid Date
时间: 11:00 Invalid Date
场馆: 协进大楼1F

Alvin Erasga Tolentino, Emmanuel de St Aubin


Choreography and Performance: Alvin Erasga Tolentino

Music and Performance: Emmanuel Mailly

Video: Donna Szoke

Admission Free. Reservation is required.

PARADIS/Paradise is a 50 minutes performance event journey by two performers a solo dancer and a musician animating traditional theater or unconventional setting and spaces.Exploring the relationship and breath of dance through live music, visual video images and public surroundings PARADIS/Paradise streams within the moments of synchronicity in the chosen space. Raw, eccentric and bold palates of sounds, imagery and movement project the body, with its internal paradise (pure sensation), out to the external world. Conceived and created through a collaborative partnership between Contemporary Canadian choreographer and dancer Alvin Erasga Tolentino and French contemporary bruiste/noise musician Emannuel Mailly, PARADIS was created in 2008 that has been performed indoor, outdoor and unconventional spaces between Canada, Italy and France. The dance is expressive, eccentric and minimal gestures, fluid yet vibrant, intimate but also primitive.

“Tolentino’s choreography and performance is not only power but also frailty, not only sexuality but also innocence, not only primitivism but also complexity.” The PLANK magazine, Vancouver

The Music is abstract, haunting, gentle and intense, a remixed of noise with exceptional eerie voice.

“Mailly’s live music, which takes us on a journey through a range of volumes, pitches, rhythms, timbres, and moods, and which includes amplified breath and voice. The wonderful communication between musician and mover becomes another instance of feeling-with.” The PLANK magazine, Vancouver

PARADIS/Paradise is an intercontinental collaboration with two distinct international artists, an electrifying abstract meditation on the concept of paradise.

Artist biographies

Alvin Erasga Tolentino’s solo and ensemble work spans global audiences. An unpredictable contemporary performing artist renowned for combining sublime Asian minimalism with abstract and startling kinetic expression, Tolentino expresses a unique language that is cross cultural, multi-media and hybrid. In 2000 he founded Co.ERASGA, which promotes the art of dance by collaborating with dancers and choreographers and working with diverse art forms such as music, film/video, theatre, and the visual arts. To date, Tolentino has created multiple full-length creations for the company that includes SOLA 2000, BATO/Stone 2001, FIELD 2003, SHE SAID 2004, OrienTik/Portrait 2005, and BODYGlass in 2006/07 with Peter Chin. The company has presented work across Canada and in festivals and venues as far as Scotland, France, Italy, Belgium, the Philippines, Singapore, Venezuela and most recently in Germany and Uruguay. Tolentino’s dedication to the development of contemporary dance in Canada’s West Coast has earned him a recognition for 2010 as the recipient of Vancouver’s majors arts award for performing arts. Musician Emmanuel de St Aubin is a self-made musician who is also an accomplished mathematician. His philosophy of music can be defined by the expression: "no master, many influences, no teacher, many collaborations." As a composer, he is not a formal academic. His realm is not made of notes, but sounds. Technicity is a very important aspect of his works, with a very essential rule of informatics and computerizing. Noisy music considers sound, not notes, as the simplest element of the composition. Music instruments have no monopoly of producing sounds. Improvisation and happenings are important aspects of noisy music. Since 2000, Emmanuel Mailly has performed more than 100 concerts throughout France.

PARADIS/Paradise is dedicated to Larisa Fayad (1976-2007)

Alvin Erasga Tolentino, Emmanuel de St Aubin


编舞和表演:Alvin Erasga Tolentino

音乐和演奏:Emmanuel Mailly

视频:Donna Szoke


PARADIS/Paradise (天堂组合)是由一名独舞者和一名音乐家共同呈现的一场50分钟的音乐盛宴,把传统剧场和创新的背景和空间融为一体。通过现场音乐、视频影像和现场周遭探索舞蹈的内在关联和活力,PARADIS/Paradise组合在特定空间中游走在多种元素幻化的时刻中。加拿大编舞家和舞蹈家Alvin Erasga Tolentino及法国当代噪音音乐家Emannuel Mailly把声音、映像和动作通过身体展现,散发本真、独特和大胆的气息,把内里的天堂(纯粹的感知)呈现给外在的世界。演出中的舞蹈充满表现力、奇异和简约的动作。轻盈而生动、亲密但朴素。他们的音乐抽象、引人入胜、轻柔和强烈。经过混音的噪音与出众的怪诞声音融合一体。


-- 加拿大温哥华《Plank》杂志


-- 加拿大温哥华《Plank》杂志



Alvin Erasga Tolentino的独舞和群舞表演遍及全球。他是位出其不意的表演艺术家,以融合精彩亚洲简约主义和抽象惊人的肢体动作而闻名。Tolentino的表演语演唯一独特,是跨文化、多媒体和融会贯通的语言。在2000年他建立Co.ERASGA公司,通过与舞者和编舞师的合作,并与其他艺术形式如音乐、电影/视频、戏剧和视觉艺术融合,推广舞蹈艺术。至今,Tolentino已经制作出多个长篇作品,包括SOLA 2000、BATO/Stone 2001、IELD 2003、SHE SAID 2004、OrienTik/Portrait 2005和与舞蹈家Peter Chin合作的BODYGlass2006/07。该公司已在加拿大广泛表演,同时在苏格兰、法国、意大利、菲律宾、新加坡、委内瑞拉的音乐节和多个场合演出。最近刚赴德国和乌拉圭演出。鉴于Tolentino对加拿大西海岸地区现代舞蹈的贡献,他与2010年荣获“温哥华市长艺术颁奖典礼”的行为艺术奖项。

Emmanuel de St Aubin是自学成才的音乐家,同时还是一名颇有成就的数学家。他的音乐哲学可以概括为:“非独门大师,但糅合多种元素;非传授教导,但融会多种协作。”作为作曲者,他的方法有别正统的科班学者,其音乐不是由音符而是由声音组成。技术元素是他作品的重要特色。信息和电脑合成贯穿始终。噪音音乐把声音而非音符作为作曲的基本元素。音乐乐器不是主导发出声音的媒体。即兴与瞬时发生的周遭是噪音音乐的重要元素。自2000年起,Emmanuel Mailly 已在法国超过100多场音乐会中进行演出。

PARADIS/Paradise组合的演出向Larisa Fayad (1976-2007)致敬。