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【Invisible Torrents】 Action Asia VOL.2 Reading: Kefiyyeh/Made in China 【暗流】亚洲生动 读剧:阿拉法特头巾/中国制造

Event Information

Date: 13 October 2013
Time: 11:00 11:00
Venue: 2F Y.W.C.A Building
Speaker: Zhao Chuan
Language: Chinese


日期: 2013年 10月 13日
时间: 11:00 11:00
场馆: 女青年会大楼二楼
主讲人: 赵川
语言: 中文

Playwright: Dalia Taha

Translator: Yu Kai

Presented: Grass Stage

Performers: Yu Kai, Liu Nian, Lu Lu, Yu Ling Na, Zhao Qiong, Qin Ran, Zhou Shuo, Christopher Connery, Zhao Chuan, Wu Jia Min

Director: Zhao Chuan

Executive producer: Zhou Shuo

In this play by a young Palestinian playwright, through her unique language, we might be able to realize how persecution and resistance occur under the eyelids of daily life. They're brutal and ongoing...

──Zhao Chuan

Dalia Taha

Dalia Taha was born in Berlin in 1986, but grew up in Ramallah (West Bank). She studied architecture at the Birzeit University in Ramallah. For years she is an active young poet and author in Palestine. She now writes regular contributions for literary journals in the West Bank, in which she publishes poetry and articles that deal mostly with the concepts of space in colonial conditions.In 2012 she wrote the play, Kefiyyeh/Made in Chinawhich was produced by the A. M. Qattan Foundation and the Royal Flemish Theatre and was later published in book form.

剧作:达丽亚. 塔哈



演出成员:庾凯 刘念 吕律 于玲娜 赵琼 秦冉 周硕 康纳利 赵川 吴加闵





达丽亚. 塔哈

达丽亚. 塔哈1986年出生于柏林,在拉马拉(约旦河西岸)长大成人。她曾在拉马拉的比尔宰特大学学习建筑。一些年来,她是一位活跃的巴勒斯坦年轻诗人和作家。现在,她经常在西岸的文学刊物上发表作品,那些诗作和文章大多是关于殖民环境中的空间想法。2012年她的剧作《阿拉法特头巾/中国制造》由夸坦基金会和皇家佛兰芒剧院制作上演,并随后出版了单行本。