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HongKongNoWave:The Postgal Animation Collection… 无浪城市——香港独立影像展:《猫室动画大合集》&《搬屋》

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Date: 14 July 2012 Invalid Date
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Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2012年 7月 14日 Invalid Date
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场馆: 协进大楼1F

Tammy Cheung


Hong Kong No Wave

—— Independent Films from the SAR

Routines have smoothened the rough edges, as if nothing has disrupted their increasingly similar appearances. But memories and reality keep interrupting these simple stories, asking questions. Beneath the mirror-like stillness, life is in abundance. There are noises even when there is no wave.

A showcase of moving images from outside the mainstream of Hong Kong's film industry. A look at the production and consumption of visuals by the seven million inhabitants of Hong Kong in the past 15 years – within their reality and beyond their imagination. Be it documentary or fiction, weaving in and out of these images, is an attempt to understand Hong Kong and to face up one's dreams.

These are two cities so similar that they draw out a sense of homesickness from each other. But this time, the Hong Kong that walks towards us is a stranger, it beckons the stranger within us. Lion Rock, Suzhou Creek, they are no more; but 2046 is upon us.

Hong Kong No Wave — Independent Films from the SAR:The Postgal Animation Collection

Saturday July 14th 6P.M.

2010 / Hong Kong / 60min / Color/DVD Video All Area / Category I

In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

Including animation shorts:

“Din Dong”, “Fool Lee”, “The Tired City”, “Mum is Born”, “Life is Animated”, “Hidden Elders” & TVC produced by Postgal Workshop

About Postgal Workshop:

Postgal Workshop is devoted to animation & comic creation – who creates animation from 0 to 100: concept, story and productions. Their animation works have been awarded in Japan, U.S. and Korea etc. “Hidden Elder”, a collaboration work with RTHK, has received a Grand Prize in Japan TBS Digicon6 Animation and Movie Awards. “Din Dong” has been interviewed by a Japan national newspaper “Yomiuri”. Postgal’s first solo screening – “The Postgal Animation Collection” was featured in the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival.


Saturday July 14th 7:10 P.M.

Director: Tammy Cheung

Hong Kong/ 2003 / 64mins

In Cantonese, Mandarin and English with Chinese subtitles


Ngau Tau Kok Estate is one of the oldest and largest public housing projects in Hong Kong. Most of the residents are either elderly who live alone, or working class families. Since 2001, after the government announced its plan to redevelop the area, residents have been gradually relocated to new housing estates. This film was shot in five months and followed social workers who worked with the residents as they dealt with the relocation, offering a glimpse of the lives of old people.










香港/ 2010 / 60mins / 彩色/ 纪录片






猫室(猫子工作室)一直醉心于动漫创作,是本地罕有由原创到制作与及放映一手包办的动漫工作室,动画作品曾于日本、美国和韩国等地获最佳动画。其中与香港电台合作的作品<动画铿锵集>曾于日本TBS电视台以首个华人创作单位,击败日本和亚洲超过2000多个作品,夺得亚洲全场大奖。而另一作品<癫当>亦受日本全国权威报章-“读卖新闻” 特别介绍及访问。首套一小时动画集结“猫室动画大集结” 罕有地首次以动画长片的形式,于第34届香港国际电影节大银幕播映。




香港/ 2003 / 64mins