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HongKongNoWave:Rice Distribution & One-Way Street… 无浪城市—香港独立影像展:《平安米》&《唱盘上的单行道》

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Date: 7 July 2012 Invalid Date
Time: 10:00 Invalid Date
Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


日期: 2012年 7月 7日 Invalid Date
时间: 10:00 Invalid Date
场馆: 协进大楼1F

Director:Vincent Chui


Hong Kong No Wave

—— Independent Films from the SAR

This is two prosperous cities meeting on a narrow path.

Routines have smoothened the rough edges, as if nothing has disrupted their increasingly similar appearances. But memories and reality keep interrupting these simple stories, asking questions. Beneath the mirror-like stillness, life is in abundance. There are noises even when there is no wave.

A showcase of moving images from outside the mainstream of Hong Kong's film industry. A look at the production and consumption of visuals by the seven million inhabitants of Hong Kong in the past 15 years – within their reality and beyond their imagination. Be it documentary or fiction, weaving in and out of these images, is an attempt to understand Hong Kong and to face up one's dreams.

These are two cities so similar that they draw out a sense of homesickness from each other. But this time, the Hong Kong that walks towards us is a stranger, it beckons the stranger within us. Lion Rock, Suzhou Creek, they are no more; but 2046 is upon us.

Rice Distribution

Saturday July 7th 6P.M.

Director: Tammy Chenung

Hong Kong/ 2003 / 35 min

In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

Film Synopsis:

During the seventh lunar month, when the Ghost Festival takes place, Chinese pay tribute to their ancestors and offer food to the deceased to appease them and ward off bad luck. In Hong Kong, besides staging ceremonies to honor the dead, many Taoist organizations give away rice to the elderly and the poor. The rice distribution depicted in this film was one of the largest events, and attracted over eight thousand people. The event was scheduled to last from nine in the morning to six in the evening. In order to ensure a place in the line, most of the participants arrived before dawn.

One-Way Street On A Turntable

Saturday July 7th 6:40 P.M.

Director: Anson Mak

Hong Kong/ 2008 /Color, B&W / 74min

In Cantonese, Mandarin and English with Chinese subtitles

Film Synopsis:

Tracing personal histories from spatial memories is the essence of this film. And identities… have been tarrying between moving and rootedness… This film is about how people understand Hong Kong and Hong Kongers, thus also about how we understand ourselves, as Hong Kongers.

Director’s Statement:

This film is about how people understand Hong Kong and Hong Kongers, thus also about how we understand ourselves, as Hong Kongers.

Tracing personal histories from spatial memories is the essence of this film. The juxtaposition of two stories on “first home” ─director’s story (as a local born Hong Konger) in Kwun Tong and the actress’ story (a new immigrant from China to Hong Kong in the 80's) in Mei Foo Sun Chuen, may re-inscribe Hong Kong history and Hong Kongers' changing identities in a more interesting way than what the grand narrative history offers, be it the British colonial government, or the seemingly self-governed Hong Kong government under People's Republic of China.

And identities… have been tarrying between moving and rootedness…

Director’s Biography:

Anson Mak Hoi Shan is a local born Hong Konger. She is a writer, blogger, phonographer, film/video artist and a cultural critic. She has obtained a BSSc from the Department of Cinema and Television, School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University in 1991, and a Master of Philosophy in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong in 2000; and is at present studying a Doctor of Fine Art programme at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, and also working in Hong Kong on research projects and teaching – in universities and community centres. She has created more than twenty film/video works, some of which have been awarded in the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards. Her works have been screened in many local festivals including the Microwave Media Arts Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Her many other works were also invited to overseas screenings in Japan, Taiwan, Norway, Spain, Australia, Singapore and United States etc.

‘An "experimental documentary" shouldn't be such a pleasure to watch: a provocative, funny, bristlingly intellectual, discursive, playful, formally challenging, and texturally beautiful film.’

──Shelly Kraicer, Curator of Vancouver International Film Festival

Participating Festivals:

Official Selection, The 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival

Official Selection, The 9th Taipei Film Festival

Official Selection, The 23rdLos Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Official Selection, The 26thVancouver International Film Festival

Official Selection, Digital Cinema Seoul 2007

Official Selection, The 14thBarcelona Independent Film Festival











香港Hong Kong / 2003 / 35 mins






香港/ 2008 / 彩色及黑白/ 74mins











麦海珊(Anson),博客人、电影/录像/声音艺术家,毕业于香港浸会大学传理学院的电影电视系,后于香港大学比较文学系完成哲学硕士,现于Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University 修读艺术博士课程。任教于香港浸会大学视觉艺术院。有超过二十部电影/录像制作,其中多部作品皆于香港独立短片及录像比赛中获奖,及曾被邀请在本地影展放映,包括微波媒体艺术节及香港国际电影节等。此外,作品也多次在外地影展放映,包括日本、台湾、挪威、西班牙、澳洲、新加坡与美国等地。




「从班雅明的《单行道》出发思考城市经验以及香港的意义,影片人物游走于城市,思考在城市的成长经验,也思考城市发展本身对个人的意义...... 透过历史回溯,叙述者重新认知或发现二者本来的连系,但该连系又随着城市自身的发展而朦胧......」