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HongKongNoWave:Glamorous Youth 无浪城市——香港独立影像展:《明媚时光》

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Date: 20 July 2012 Invalid Date
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Venue: 1F, Associate Mission Building


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场馆: 协进大楼1F


Hong Kong No Wave

—— Independent Films from the SAR

This is two prosperous cities meeting on a narrow path.

Routines have smoothened the rough edges, as if nothing has disrupted their increasingly similar appearances. But memories and reality keep interrupting these simple stories, asking questions. Beneath the mirror-like stillness, life is in abundance. There are noises even when there is no wave.

A showcase of moving images from outside the mainstream of Hong Kong's film industry. A look at the production and consumption of visuals by the seven million inhabitants of Hong Kong in the past 15 years – within their reality and beyond their imagination. Be it documentary or fiction, weaving in and out of these images, is an attempt to understand Hong Kong and to face up one's dreams.

These are two cities so similar that they draw out a sense of homesickness from each other. But this time, the Hong Kong that walks towards us is a stranger, it beckons the stranger within us. Lion Rock, Suzhou Creek, they are no more; but 2046 is upon us.

Glamorous Youth

Director: Philip Yung Tsz Kwong

Hong Kong/ 2009/ 132min/ Color/ Feature

Glamorous Youth is a social realist film which comprises elements of youthhood, romance and family. The filmmaker articulates the anxiety, helplessness, as well as the desire of ideal life of Hong Kong people through different stories of the characters. The film depicts the mentality of these characters under the context of handover in 1997.

About the Director

Philip Yung is a film critic and film director based in Hong Kong. He started to involve in film and TV production since the 1990s.In 2009, Yung wrote and directed his first feature film Glamorous Youth, which was invited to participate in Hong Kong International Film Festival, Munich Film Festival and Rome Asia Film Festival, and with this film he was nominated as the Best New Director at The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards. Yung’s second feature film Port of Call is in pre-production now.