Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Peach Blossoms of Longhua 龙华的桃花

Event Information

Date: 22 April 2023 22 July 2023
Time: 06:00 08:00
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Language: Chinese, English


日期: 2023年 4月 22日 22 July 2023
时间: 06:00 08:00
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
语言: 中文,英文

On April 22, on the opening day of the exhibition "An Equivocal Contrast," artist Evelyn Taocheng Wang will present a participatory performance called "Peach Blossoms of Longhua". Like the layout of her paintings and handscrolls, she will also divide the time of the performance into three parts: inviting the audience to clean the art museum, practice yoga, and watch a performance. In the collage space created by her paintings and writing on the second floor of the museum, she will guide everyone to wander.

In the first part, artist Evelyn Taocheng Wang will lead everyone to clean the art museum, bringing mindfulness and simplification of life through a simple exercise. She believes that people often live with purpose and expectation, even when visiting an art museum, sometimes they hope to get an immersive feeling or are eager to achieve a certain result. Therefore, the artist leads the audience to clean a space that has already been cleaned, hoping that everyone will first enter a "void" state, pay attention to the state of the mind and body, and achieve tranquility.

In the second part, the artist will lead everyone to do a "amateur" yoga: leading everyone to feel their body again in the case of a cleansed mind and body. And in this process, everyone will again experience the texts of Eileen Chang and Agnes Martin.

In the third part, the artist will perform two songs - "Peach Blossoms of Longhua" and "Cold Green Lake". She has made a personalized choice of songs: "Peach Blossoms of Longhua" is a song by Zhou Xuan, which belongs to the 1930s like the Bund Art Museum in Shanghai, and can take everyone back to this unique era; The melancholic atmosphere of "Cold Green Lake" seems to reflect the artist's aspiration for the "feminine" temperament and beauty when she lived in this city.

Both Eileen Chang and Agnes Martin are reluctant to be called "female artists" and prefer to be seen as artists themselves, that is, not within certain constraints. Artist Evelyn Taocheng Wang also hopes that through this performance, everyone can feel that the experience in the museum is not confined to a certain period of time, but freely travels through different times and spaces.

4月22日,在“参差的对照”(An Equivocal Contrast)的展览首日,艺术家王伊芙苓韬程(Evelyn Taocheng Wang)将带来一场具有参与性的“龙华的桃花”。如同她的画作与手卷的布局,她将表演中的时间同样分割为三个部分:邀请观众一起清扫美术馆、练瑜伽、以及观看演出。在美术馆2楼,她的画作与书写共同创造出的拼贴空间中,引导大家游走其中。





Evelyn Taocheng Wang: An Equivocal Contrast 王伊芙苓韬程:参差的对照