Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

“Dynamics of Supporting Emerging Artists in Asia--Contexts, Challenges, and Projects”: 2017 HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Conference “如何支持亚洲新锐艺术家——语境,挑战和实践的新动态”:第三届HUGO BOSS亚洲新锐艺术家大奖研讨会

Event Information

Date: 18 March 2018
Time: 02:00 10:00
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: Bao Dong, Cheng Meiya, Amy Cheng, Daniel Ho, Hsieh Feng-Rong, Liu Yingjiu, Melissa Chen, Wu Mo, Azure Wu, Yap Saubin
Language: Chinese, English, with simultaneous interpretation


日期: 2018年 3月 18日
时间: 02:00 10:00
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
主讲人: 鲍栋、郑美雅、郑慧华、何思衍、谢丰嵘、刘迎九、陈丹、武漠、吴蔚、叶绍斌
语言: 中文、英文,同声传译

About Conference 关于研讨会

Art awards are undoubtedly an important mechanism of support for art in contemporary society and contemporary art scene. This mechanism allows the jury and nominators to observe and select artists, artworks and art practices worthy of attention, thus reflecting pressing social challenges and obstacles for art workers in certain regions. In addition, the process and results of the selection opens up intense discussions on the importance and values of contemporary art and local contexts.

In this conference, we are honored to invite some nominators of the third edition of the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award as well as curators, media people, artists, and art educators who have been supporting emerging artists in Asia in their own ways and contexts. We would like to learn more about their engagement with emerging artists and art projects in specific localities, curating art projects to locally and globally promote emerging artists.

Speaking from their own observations and experiences, the panelists will share with the audience their understanding of “contemporary” and “emerging”, challenges that artists are faced with, and how independent or institutional forces engage with artists’ practices.

This conference will be the centerpiece of its ongoing research and education program alongside the third edition of HUGO BOSS ASIA ART project. In the coming months of the year, we will have a series of education activities related to contemporary art in Asia in terms of research, cultural exchange etc, to fully explore contemporary art in Asia. We believe that it will be meaningful in helping to understand better how art and art award could contribute to the development of specific regions and societies.


本次研讨会将邀请 2017 年第三届“HUGO BOSS亚洲新锐艺术家大奖”部分提名人,以及关注和参与当代艺术机构实践的策展人、媒体人、艺术家、艺术教育者等具体地探讨和分析艺术工作者如何在亚洲不同地方、不同语境中支持当代艺术项目,又如何在本地或全球的语境下帮助新锐艺术家获得成长发展所需要的平台。


本次研讨会将是第三届“HUGO BOSS亚洲新锐艺术家大奖”正在进行的相关研究与教育项目中的重要部分。除此次研讨会之外,年内还会有一系列围绕亚洲当代艺术的教育活动,从研究、文化交流等各个角度探究亚洲当代艺术生态,我们相信这将有助于更好地理解艺术创作与艺术奖项是如何促进了不同社会与地区的发展。

About Agenda 议程

10:00-10:20 Opening Remarks

LIU Yingjiu (Deputy Director of RAM)

ZHOU Hongtao (Director of D&I Innovation Field)

10:20-11:45 How an Art Award Could Support Emerging Artists

Moderator: LIU Yingjiu (Deputy Director of RAM)

Panelists: Daniel HO (Co-founder of Ran Dian), BAO Dong (Art Critic and Independent Curator)

13:00-15:50 Collaboration of Art Workers

Moderator: Hsieh Feng-Rong(Senior Curator of RAM)

Panelists: Meiya CHENG (Independent Curator), YAP Saubin (Artist and Educator)

16:10-18:00 Support System in the Making--Curators, Critics, Media, Educators and More

Moderator: CHEN Dan (Education Manager of RAM)

Panelists: Amy CHENG (Independent Curator), WU Mo (Art Critic and Curator), WU Wei (Curator, Art Critic and Deputy Chief Editor of Public Art)

10:00-10:20 开幕词



10:20-11:45 第一场:艺术奖项机制如何支持新锐艺术家



13:00-15:50 第二场:艺术生产者的互助合作



16:10-18:00 第三场:形成中的支持体系——策展人、评论、媒体、教育等



About Panelists 关于讲者

Daniel Szehin Ho is a nominator of the 2017 HUGO BOSS Asia Art award. He is the co-founder of Ran Dian—a bilingual online and print magazine on contemporary art in China and beyond, with a geo-dispersed editorial team—and is editor-at-large. He is in charge of publications at Tai Kwun, a centre for heritage and arts that will open later this year in Hong Kong. He has also written for ArtForum, Frieze, Kaleidoscope, Art Agenda, Broadsheet, among others, and he has edited and translated numerous museum catalogues in China.

Bao Dong is an art critic and independent curator based in Beijing. In contributing essays to the artistic dialogue and other forms of involvement, Bao has established himself as a leading curator and critic of work by the new generation. His articles have been widely published in art journals and artist monographs both at home and abroad. He has curated many exhibitions for a wide range of art institutions including Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, the Art Center of Chulalongkorn University, Guangdong Times Museum, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, etc. He was awarded Asian Cultural Council (ACC) fellowship grant in 2014, and became a nominee of Independent Curators International’s (ICI) 2014 Independent Vision Curatorial Award. Recently he was awarded Yishu Awards for Curating Contemporary Chinese Art 2016.

Meiya Cheng is a nominator of the 2017 HUGO BOSS Asia Art award. She is a freelance curator based in Taipei. She was the curator of MoCA Taipei (2006-2008), the chair of Taipei Contemporary Art Center (2012-2014). Her selected curating exhibitions include: Augmenting the World, (The 6th Taipei Digital Art Festival, international section, Bopiliao historical block, Taipei, 2011) Trading Futures, (co-curated with Pauline Yao, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, 2012), 6th Queens International (co-curated with Hitomi Iwasaki, Queens Museum, NYC, 2013), The Great Ephemeral (co-curated with New Museum team, New Museum, NYC, 2015), Public Spirits (Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdów Castle, Warsaw, 2016). Cheng focuses on the exchange mechanism of labor and value, and the structural issues in art production. She intends to discuss the possibilities of creating an open structure in institutions, and if such models could serve as a mechanism to create changes in the system. Cheng participated in the founding and operation of Taipei Contemporary Art Center since 2009. With teamwork as the working model, she tries to builds up an alternative model that constantly examines and self/examines institutional the conditions in art production.

Yap Saubin is a nominator of the 2017 HUGO BOSS Asia Art award. Yap teaches at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia. He is also a founding member of Rumah Air Panas [RAP], an artist initiative based in Kuala Lumpur. He had received awards in the Young Contemporaries Arts Award by the National Art Gallery, Malaysia in 2000 and 2002.

His practice encompasses making art, writing and curatorial project with RAP. Yap had contributed as writer and member of editorial team for the ‘Narratives in Malaysian Art’ volumes published by Rogue Art. He has also served on the jury panel for the Young Contemporary Arts Award in Malaysia; as the nominator for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize and the Aritist-in-residency programme at Arts Maebashi, Japan. His recent curatorial project includes ‘ESCAPE from the SEA’ at the National Art Gallery and is currently based in London for a year.

Amy Cheng is a curator and writer based in Taipei. In 2010, with music critic Jeph Lo, she co-founded TheCube Project Space, which serves as an independent art space devoted to the research, production and presentation of contemporary art in Taipei. With the aim of delving deeply into local culture and establishing long-term relationships with artists, Cheng explores the possibility of “expanding curating”. Since 2009, she has carried out several research projects, including “Sound Cultures in Taiwan” and “Critical Political Art and Curatorial Practice Research”, for which she contributed to and edited the publication Art and Society: Introducing Seven Contemporary Artists. In 2016, she begins organizing cultural study courses outside the establishment, the “Praxis School” lecture series. Recent exhibitions curated by Amy Cheng include: “The Heard and the Unheard: Soundscape Taiwan, Taiwan Pavilion at the 54th International Art Exhibition—La Biennale di Venezia” (2011), the exhibition series “Re-envisioning Society” (2011–2013) and “Towards Mysterious Realities” (2016). She also co-curated these exhibitions such as “ALTERing NATIVism—Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan” (2014), and “Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative” (2016, 2018).

Wu Mo is a nominator of the 2017 HUGO BOSS Asia Art award. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Fine Art in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and works as an art critic and curator based in Hong Kong. Her research focuses on the development of contemporary Chinese art and related system changes since the 1980s, with her master’s degree in art administration obtained from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2012. She has contributed her art reviews and translations to media and academic journals such as The Art Newspaper China, Leap, Chinese Contemporary Art Studies, Artforum Online and Randian, and also worked as an editor for various art publications. She was nominated for the first International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC), and curated exhibitions at Today Art Museum and CAFA Art Museum in Beijing and Para Site in Hong Kong.

Azure Wu is a curator and art critic based in Shanghai. She serves as an associate editor at Public Art Magazine. She was previously a senior editor at Art China Magazine and curator at Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art and Zhu Qizhan Art Museum. Her curatorial projects include group exhibitions such as “the Disappeared of Nature,” “Portrait of the Youth” and “Shanghai Surprise – A Group Show on Contemporary Art in Shanghai” and solo exhibitions such as “Li Jinghu: One Day in Dongguan,” “Jia Aili: Good Morning, World!” and “Qi Lan: In No Hurry. ” She has contributed her art reviews to numerous publications and media.

何思衍,2017 年 HUGO BOSS 亚洲新锐艺术家大奖提名人,《燃点》 杂志联合创始人。《燃点》 是一份关于中国及国外当代艺术的双语杂志,同时提供线上和印刷版本,编辑团队来自全球各地。何思衍还担任香港古迹及艺术馆“大馆”的出版物负责人,该馆将于今年对外开放。他的文章见于各大艺术期刊杂志,如 《艺术坛》 、Frieze、Kaleidoscope、Art Agenda、Broadsheet 等。他还曾参与中国多家艺术馆的画册编辑和翻译工作。

鲍栋,中国新一代活跃的艺术评论家与独立策展人,他 1979 年出生于安徽,2006 年毕业于四川美术学院艺术史系,现工作生活在北京。从 2005 年进入中国当代艺术界至今,他的评论文章广泛见于国内外艺术期刊,批评文集以及艺术家专著;他曾为众多国内外艺术机构策划展览,其中包括尤伦斯当代艺术中心、朱拉隆功大学艺术中心、广东时代美术馆、上海民生现代美术馆等等;2014 年,他荣获亚洲文化协会(ACC)艺术奖助金;同年成为国际独立策展人协会(ICI)独立视野策展奖候选人。2016 年他获得了 “Yishu 中国当代艺评和策展奖”。

郑美雅,2017 HUGO BOSS 亚洲新锐艺术家大奖提名人之一。独立策展人,居住于台北。曾任台北当代艺术馆助理研究员、台北当代艺术中心理事长。策展包括“未来事件交易所”(与姚嘉善共同策展,台北当代艺术中心,2012),“第六届皇后双年展”(与岩崎仁美共同策展,皇后美术馆,纽约,2013),“伟大的一瞬”(与纽约新美术馆公共教育部团队共同策划,新美术馆,纽约,2015),“公共精神”(乌维雅士都城堡当代艺术中心,华沙,2016)等。她关注艺术生产中劳动与价值的交换机制及权力关系,以及艺术机制本身的系统性问题,为此,她共同参与了台北当代艺术中心的发起、成立及运作,以协会群体合作的模式,共同营运这个实验性的独立机构。

叶绍斌,2017 年 HUGO BOSS 亚洲新锐艺术家大奖提名人,目前任教于马来西亚多媒体大学创意多媒体系,为吉隆坡 Rumah Air Panas(RAP)艺术家自主空间创办会员之一。曾在 2000 年及 2002 年两度荣获国家画廊主办的“当代青年艺术家奖”。叶绍斌从事艺术创作,写作及 RAP 项目策展工作,曾任马来西亚 Rogue Art 出版的“马来西亚艺术叙事”系列的撰稿人,编辑,以及马来西亚当代青年艺术家奖的评审团成员,曾为 SOVEREIGN 亚洲艺术奖和日本艺术前桥艺术驻院“艺术家驻村计划”的提名人。其最新策展项目包括在国家画廊举办的“ESCAPE from the SEA”。目前在伦敦留学一年。

郑慧华,独立策展人,工作于台湾台北。2010 年与乐评人罗悦全于台北成立非营利机构“立方计划空间”,期望深耕在地文化,建立与创作者的长期合作关系,以实践关注“拓展策展”的可能性。郑慧华自2009 年开始进行系列性的研究项目,包括“批判性政治艺术创作暨策展实践”并出版《艺术与社会─当代艺术家专文与访谈》一书和“台湾声响文化”等。自 2016 年起,她组织体制外的学习课程“学实学校”。近年策划的展览:2011 年威尼斯双年展台湾馆“听见,以及那些未被听见的:台湾社会声音图景”、“重建/见社会”系列策划展(2011–2013)等;共同策划的展览包括“造音翻土:战后台湾声响文化的探索”(2014)、“告诉我一个故事:地方性与叙事”(2016、2018)等。

武漠,2017 HUGO BOSS 亚洲新锐艺术家大奖提名人之一。香港中文大学艺术系博士候选人,艺评人、策展人。2012 年获中央美术学院艺术管理硕士学位,研究方向集中于 20 世纪 80 年代以来的中国当代艺术及相关体制研究。作为艺评人,评论文章与译作见刊于《艺术新闻中文版》、《艺术界》、《中国当代艺术研究》、Artforum Online、Randian 等媒体与学术刊物,并参与编辑数种艺术出版物,展评曾入围首届 IAAC 艺术评论奖。作为策展人,曾于北京今日美术馆,中央美术学院美术馆,香港Para Site 艺术空间参与策划展览。现居香港。

吴蔚,策展人,评论家,常驻上海,《公共艺术》杂志副主编。曾任《艺术当代》资深编辑、上海多伦现代美术馆以及上海朱屺瞻美术馆策展人。参与策展有:“自然的消逝”(群展);“年轻的肖像”(群展);“李景湖:一天 ”(个展);“贾蔼力:早安,世界!”(个展);“上海惊奇——场关于上海当代艺术的群展”;“且共从容——漆澜个展”等。并为许多艺术出版物及媒体撰写艺术评论。

About Moderators 关于主持人

Liu Yingjiu is Deputy Director of RAM in charge of the museum’s daily operation and education programmes. He joined the Rockbund Art Museum in 2009 as curator and oversaw the organization of the highly acclaimed opening series of exhibitions in 2010, such as Cai Guo-Qiang: Peasant Da Vincis and 2010 Zeng Fanzhi. Before that, he was the Deputy Director of Curatorial Department at He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen. Holding an MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester, Liu Yingjiu has extensive knowledge in contemporary art and museum theories, as well as rich experience in museum administration and project management. He was invited to give lectures at the State Bureau for Cultural Relics, CAFA, and participate in professional exchanges on international and domestic occasions.

Hsieh Feng-Rong is senior curator and founding staff member of Rockbund Art Museum; he joined Rockbund Art Museum in 2009 during its preparatory stage. He was the coordinator of the renovation process and implemented the institutional structure of the museum. He has been working with many internationally renowned artists, including Cai Guoqiang, Zeng Fanzhi, Zhang Huan, Michael Lin, Duan Jianyu, Hu Xiaoyuan, Xu Bing, Bharti Kher, Ugo Rondinone, Mark Bradford, Chen Zhen and Philippe Parreno. In 2013, he got involved in founding the first HUGO BOSS ASIA ART award and was also the project manager for the award. Recent exhibitions curated by Hsieh include: “Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative” (co-curated with Amy Cheng, 2016, Shanghai), "RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017: DISPLACE" (curatorial team, 2017, Shanghai), "Walking on the Fade out Lines"(co-curated with Larys Frogier, 2018, Shanghai), “Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative” (co-curated with Amy Cheng, 2018, Turin).

Chen Dan is Education Manager at Rockbund Art Museum with a master’s degree in interpreting from Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation at Shanghai International Studies University.


谢丰嵘,现任上海外滩美术馆资深策展人。2009年加入上海外滩美术馆进行筹备开馆工作,担任场馆改造工程协调工作,同时与美术馆团队建立各项制度。至今,曾为国内外多位知名艺术家制作展览,包括蔡国强、曾梵志、张洹、林明弘、段建宇、胡晓媛、徐冰、巴尔提·卡尔、乌戈·罗迪纳、马克·布拉德福德、陈箴、菲利普·帕雷诺等。2013年参与规划首届HUGO BOSS亚洲艺术家大奖,并为项目经理。近年共同策划的展览:“告诉我一个故事:地方性与叙事”(2016年,上海)、RAM HIGHLIGHT 2017:错置(2017年,上海)、“行将消退——作品来自山德雷托·雷·雷包登戈收藏”(2018年,上海)、“告诉我一个故事:地方性与叙事”(2018年,都灵)。


HUGO BOSS ASIA ART 2017 HUGO BOSS 亚洲新锐艺术家大奖 2017