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Parent-Child Workshop 机遇之歌

Event Information

Date: 5 December 2021
Time: 02:30 04:30
Venue: RAM Station


日期: 2021年 12月 5日
时间: 02:30 04:30
场馆: RAM空间站

About the Event 关于活动

In delving into the elements and forms of John Armleder's work, one always encounters an improvised layout that presents the result of a selection, as if the creator's intentions were repeatedly inverted between "If ...... then ...... " and "then ...... if ......" are repeatedly inverted. Of all the paths that can be reached, the choice can only fall in one exact coordinate, the only present moment - which in turn triggers the next choice, the next present moment. This process can be described as the "song of opportunity".

"Chance" and "choice" are the ethos, the rhythm, of John Armleder's work, which is also explored in the film Blind Chance by the Polish director Kieslowski "chance and fate" - "How much chance does it take for me to be here today?" .

From the work of the artist to the experience of the body, from the flow of 'chance' to the improvisation of the body. How does one navigate and respond to thoughts and lives surrounded by 'chance'? Is it fate, or is it will? Is it chance, or is it inevitability? With the theme of 'Songs of Chance', this body workshop will be an improvisation and contact improvisation, in which we will work together with participating adults and children to retrace and experience the 'chances' in the body's daily life, to work with the patterns in established relationships, to open the body in interaction and to return to Awareness and experience.

Improvisation and Contact Improvisation is more than just dance, it is about observation and the experience of being present. During the workshop, go and observe how children play with their bodies and are authentically in the present moment; also observe the patterns of interaction between adults and children, whether they are controlling or listening, respectful, tolerant or dependent. When the energy and joy of the body is in full flow, when every subtle experience and choice in the improvisation is awakened, when every limitation and restriction in the relationship is relaxed, the present moment, the process, is a 'song of opportunity'.

This physical workshop is for adults and for children.


“机遇”与“选择”,这是约翰·阿姆莱德的创作传达出来的一种气质、韵律,这也是波兰导演基耶斯洛夫斯基的一部电影《机遇之歌Blind Chance》里所探究的“偶然与命运”——“要有多少偶然,我今天才能在这儿?”。




About Contact Improvisation 关于接触即兴

Contact improvisation is an improvisational dance form that has been developed internationally since 1972. It explores one's physical relationship with others through the basic elements of shared weight, contact and movement in awareness. Choreographer Steve Paxton invented contact improvisation from his past training in Aikido (a form of martial arts) to explore and push boundaries, creating this 'art movement' with pioneers such as Nancy Stark Smith ". The art of contact improvisation involves the balance of falling, the balance of confrontation, discovering the structure of the body, learning the mechanics of the body to lift the weight of others or to be lifted by others, the technique of breathing, and also understanding the physicality of a partner through points of contact. There are no set routines for contact improvisation. Everyone can dance and no dance foundation is required. It focuses on the communication of mind and body, exploring the creativity of the mind and body itself with a free and open mind, and has important implications for the individual's mind and body.

接触即兴是一种自1972年以来在国际上发展起来的即兴舞蹈形式。它通过分享体重、接触和觉知中的运动等基本元素来探索一个人与他人的身体关系。编舞家史蒂夫·帕克斯顿(Steve Paxton)从他过去接受的合气道(一种武术形式)训练中,发明了接触即兴创作,以探索和突破边界,与南希·史塔克·史密斯(Nancy Stark Smith)等先驱一起创造了这种“艺术运动”。接触即兴玩耍艺术里包含跌落的平衡、对抗的平衡、发现身体的结构、学习身体的力学来托举他人的重量或者被他人托举、呼吸的技巧,同时也包含通过接触点来了解搭档的身体性。接触即兴没有固定的套路舞姿。每个人都可以跳舞,不需要舞蹈基础。它注重身心的交流,以自由和开放的心态来探索身心本身的创造力,对个体的身心有着重要的意义。

About the Instructor 关于导师

Zhang Xiao, an independent photographer, national psychological counsellor, contact improvisation dancer and contact improvisation instructor, started to study photography in 2013; received the national psychological counsellor certificate in 2015; started to study contact improvisation in 2016, and has been leading contact improvisation in Hangzhou and other places since 2019, promoting the development of local contact improvisation; launched the "Body Natural Contemplation" project in Hangzhou in August 2021; was invited by Zhejiang University of Technology College of Art and Design to lead the workshop "Body - Shadow" at school in September 2021 and guided the completion of the collective work "Outsider". In September 2021, he was invited by the Fine Arts Department of Zhejiang University of Technology to lead the workshop "Body and Shadow" and direct the completion of the collective work "Outside". He uses photography, the body and words as media and materials to think, create and explore. Participated in art festivals and art projects including "Dance Liangzhu" tutor & heritage park performance, Touch Community Conference tutor & "Intimacy" themed performance, 1+N series art exhibition opening performance, No Sad Ideal Country The opening performance of the "Hangzhou Nature Museum Art Exhibition", and the performance of the "Image Festival" on the Big Roof.

BODY ON&ON is a body-based contemporary culture and art planning/production organisation, with the concept of "everything starts from the body". "Star Arts Festival (China's first inclusive arts festival), Touch Contact Improvisation Festival, Body Nomad Project, China-Britain Accessible Arts Forum, and The "China-Britain Accessible Art Forum", "Art Without Barriers" platform, "Contemporary Body Workshop Series" and other projects stimulate intellectual, sensual and conscious body fields, and are dedicated to exploring the energy of the body of the times, the social value of art, and jointly promoting individual growth. We are committed to exploring the energy of the body and the value of art in society, and to promoting the growth of the individual and the inclusion of society.

章啸,长居杭州,独立摄影人、国家心理咨询师、接触即兴舞者、接触即兴导师。2013年开始学习摄影;2015年获得国家心理咨询师证书;2016年开始学习接触即兴,2019年起在杭州等地持续领接触即兴,推动本地接触即兴发展;2021年8月在杭州发起“身体自然沉思”计划;2021年9月受浙江理工大学艺术与设计学院美术系邀请在校带领《身·影》工作坊开展,并指导完成集体作品《局外》。以摄影、身体和文字作为媒介、材料进行思考、创作,探索。参与的艺术节及艺术项目包括“舞态良渚”导师&遗址公园演出、Touch社群大会导师&“亲密”主题演出、1+N系列展艺术展开幕演出、 不伤心理想国“杭州自然主题博物艺术展”开幕演出、大屋顶“造像节”演出等。

身身不息(BODY ON&ON)是一家以身体为本体的当代文化艺术策划/制作机构,秉持“一切从身体出发”的理念,自2019年创立,身身不息发起了“身体访问计划”、“星空艺术节(中国首个包容性艺术节)”、“Touch接触即兴艺术节”、“身体游牧计划”、“中英无障碍艺术论坛”、“艺术无障碍”平台、“当代身体工作坊系列”等项目,激发智性的、感性的、觉性的身体场域,致力于探索身体的时代能量,艺术的社会价值,共同推动个体的成长,社会的包容。

John Armleder: Again, Just Again 约翰·阿姆莱德:再,再