TR Lab


TR Lab is a platform for discovering and collecting NFT art from the world's leading artists. Our mission is to offer extraordinary NFT works to collectors and art lovers alike, as well as to empower the next generation of the art community by unlocking access to groundbreaking projects. In addition to our auction platform and concierge team, we offer end-to-end service for both artists and collectors to engage with NFT art from digital production to direct issuance.

The full name of TR is Tabula Rasa, a Latin expression meaning “blank slate.” We believe NFTs will fundamentally change art ownership and provenance. We are dedicated to collaborating with the leading artists to explore all possibilities of this medium. Our ultimate aim is to elevate the landscape of NFT art with a strong curatorial mission, and showcase NFT art from a roster of world-leading artists and exclusive collaborators.

TR Lab has strong roots in both art and crypto worlds: it is jointly established by Dragonfly Capital, Xin Li-Cohen, Christie's Non-Executive Deputy Chairman, as well as the founders of Artsy, Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum, and ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. We are headquartered in Hong Kong with a global team across Beijing, Shanghai, London, New York, and San Francisco.



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