Research platform is devoted to the intellectual stimuli permeating the Museum's activities. It activates the fundamental process of critical thinking inside an institution, parallel to the making of the exhibitions.

Research platform establishes the sustainability of the Museum as a space to share the content and to decisively enrich the vision of the Rockbund Art Museum.

Research platform contributes to extend the practice of contemporary art by connecting with other fields of knowledge like art theory, anthropology, sociology, art history, cultural studies etc.

Research platform addresses and gathers a community of international and Chinese artists, curators, theoreticians and students from different universities. Workshops, seminars, public lectures, curatorial projects, publications, data base and archives, forums are some formats which will energize the research platform.

Objectives for Research Platform:
  • To establish the expertise of the museum in the knowledge and practice of contemporary art
  • To support curatorial practice in the museum through academic research
  • To network international theorical and curatorial institutes and professionals
  • To stimulate the production and circulation of ideas



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