“The drop / pull of the curtain”

The sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic has led the world towards the development of a new plot that no one could have imagined. People are unable to move freely. This world is like a show, the curtain pulled down and temporarily pulled into a technical intermission. When the curtain pulls up again, like a montage, there is a jump in the story as things suddenly transform into another sequence of scenes and narratives…

The performance that was happening on the stage gradually seeps out, expands uncontrollably, becomes extended beyond the safety within the contained parameters of the stage and spills outwards into us the audience. The bodies of the actors, the heat and even the sound of their breathing, becomes more noticeable than before, the spit from their mouths, even anger as people involuntarily move in the way as the choreography of the scene starts to unravel. The sound becomes less synchronized and turns into a noise of uncoordinated movement. Even some other new people show interest and begin to join in on the fray from the outside.

The curtain is both material and immaterial as a device that shimmers between this dance and story plot that expands the stage into a more unpredictable direction as we try to follow on with the show. It propels us, sustains the emotion, or disrupt our experience when the props and setting starts to change around us.

Curtain as an online presence moves beyond a literal boundary - it is a way to frame different conditions, realities, and methods for us to look at issues unfolding as the pandemic affects us all.

The interstices separating the boundary of screen and image is blurred further as we rely more on platforms online - and so we look to a diverse community of critical thinkers, artists, communities, collectives, personalities, and other engaged practitioners we can gather conversations and contributions around the world that shift between new understandings, movements, speeches, and gestures that unfold in a series of daily episodes available online.

"Curtain" is a long term research based project since 2020 onwards. RAM will develop the project together with the collaborators. The outcome will be delivered in different formats.

"Curtain" as:

 for “framing” domestic life and social spaces.

A SURFACE for “generating, controlling, hiding, blocking, revealing, screening, mapping, manipulating, testing” texts, images, people.

A MATERIAL for “making, projecting, displaying, staging” representations in traditional and contemporary cultures.

A CONCEPT for “questioning” geopolitical mutations 
 in localities, islands, seas, nations, regions.

A PRACTICE for “unlocking” the contemporary institutions related to theater, museum, musical/dance/performative arts

More related projects to be released soon!



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