【RAM Open Call】Curatorial Practices in Asia


Mar 17, 2018

From a History of Exhibitions Towards a Future of Exhibition-Making

—“Second Assembly: Exhibition-Making Practices in China and Southeast Asia in the 1990s”

Conceived by Biljana Ciric and Rockbund Art Museum

March, 2018

Rockbund Art Museum


More information about the program click :http://www.rockbundartmuseum.org/cn/event/overview/f4ccpAr

About Open Call

We expand research in China through open call to researcher who look at the question what it means to look at the exhibition histories rather than art history. Through open call we are hoping to support creating archive and critical discourse around less known and discussed but relevant exhibitions within China.

Please note:

- Exhibition should happen in 90’s and presented in mainland China including works of Chinese artists’ works. Through open call we also try to examine methodology of research as well as theoretical implications.

- We prefer to single study cases of exhibitions or series of exhibitions/events that are interconnected (here exhibition could be any public presentation – event/ performance etc.).

- Research should start no later than May and successful applicant should present paper for assembly in November.

Please submit following material for application:

- Bio of the applicant no more than one page;

- Text no more than 500 words explaining study case you are proposing and its importance;

- Time line of the research development;

- Proposed working methodology for project (interviews, archive creating etc.);

- Sample of similar research done before if any (no more than two);

- Budget breakdown of the research project


1. At the end of the research copy of the archive should be shared with RAM (visual material, videos, floor plans, interviews and etc.).

2. Successful applicant should present work in progress research as part of the RAM public program.

3. Successful applicant should present final paper at the Assembly in November 2018.

RAM has right to publish the final research paper in English and Chinese in 2018 or 2019 in publication related to research.

We offer:

- A Research grant of 10,000 RMB (before tax);

How to apply:

- Application form download http://www.rockbundartmuseum.org/en/press/show_list/press_release

- Application deadline is April 17th 2018;

- Announcement of granted researchers no later than May 2nd 2018;

- Only online application will be accepted;

- All application material should be sent to: rockbundartmuseum@qq.com. 

- A remote interview might be required for more information.

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