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Mar 12, 2020

The current pandemic and tragedy are not only generated because of the Covid19 as only a virus but because it is also truly a pandemic of meanings, representations, constructions, stereotypes, discriminations. We all should learn from this.

The art community and professionals in Mainland China should face the system they are silently supporting instead of staying enclosed into a self-centered and often cynical comfort zone dominated by business and a fake international image. They should show more support to their neighbors in Asia, they should build a more substantial engagement into the mutations of the Asian and global art scenes, they should revise their own intra-connections and networks.

The international art community, instead of seeing China as only a place to make money or to deposit/showcase their own projects and organizations, should develop more knowledge about what new generations of artists and curators are (invisibly) developing here. They should take this context as a switch in order to reinforce long term, meaningful cooperation. Pity, tolerance, greed and silence are not enough.

So, in between a local violence and diverse waves of exclusions from the outside, Rockbund Art Museum will continue to develop in 2020-21 research art projects with engaged artists and curators, developing also solid cooperation.


— Larys Frogier, Director of Rockbund Art Museum

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