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Aug 10, 2020

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Dear friends of RAM,



We hope that you are staying safe with your loved ones.


It has been a while since our last announcement during the Chinese New Year Party. During this period, many people have inquired about the opening of the museum. As we extend our warmest wishes to you in this extraordinary time, we would like to also announce that the museum reopening will be postponed to 2021.


Although it is with a heavy heart that we share with you news that the museum’s renovation has experienced delayed, we also wish to keep you informed of the meaningful projects we have been developing during this time. Therefore, it gives us great joy to introduce upcoming projects across our different platforms including curatorial, research, education, communication, and development to you!




Research and Curatorial Programing


We are delighted to launch “CURTAIN” a three-year research project spanning multiple geographies. Going beyond the physical definition of an exhibition, this series of activities and events look to expand the dialogue with artists in order to gather together a group of cross-disciplinary critical thinkers and practitioners from different backgrounds. Together there will be an on-going series of exhibitions, discursive platforms, and cross-institutional collaborations. The first outcome of this research will take the form of a bi-monthly online “CURTAIN” publication. As for now, two issues End Time Super Topic and Occasional Visitors are officially released. You can download and view the full issue by accessing RAM’s official website. Click Here! 


We are also in the process of releasing a new publication series “Artist Conversations”, which is expected to be released at the end of this year. Featuring artists such as Eisa Jocson, JK Anicoche, Luka Yuanyuan Yang, contact Gonzo, Daniel Kok, and Luke George. Developed in conjunction with the project “Curatorial Practices in Asia – Open Institution” and its program of residencies, workshops, and public lectures organized last year, we are excited to deepen our ties to a community of curators, researchers, and artists based in different localities across Asia. We also look to explore the vibrant relationships underpinning ground-breaking and experimental curatorial practices found in institutions, alternative spaces, educational platforms, artistic interventions, and other areas of society. “Curatorial Practices in Asia 2020” will continue to extend this research by hosting artists and curators through online “residencies” and looking to initiate discussions with people around the world and the local community in Shanghai.


"Khek Dhang Ke" Stories Are Going On

RAM has recently launched "Khek Dhang Ke", a new long-term platform with a focus on the vicissitudes of the communities and locals in the Bund area. In collaboration with educators, artists, scholars, architects, and curators of various backgrounds, we have set up a series of research to delve into the Bund area through regular info exchanges, resource sharing, and co-organized public programmes. Derived from the local Shanghainese dialect, “Khet Dhang Ke” means the “living room”. Through the establishment of such a platform for cultural exchanges, we hope to foster intimate connections among residents and local groups of communities in the Bund area to enhance and enrich mutual understanding and communication. Through the research and programmes of "Khek Dhang Ke", we want to establish records of the local people and stories in the area that are fading away with the process of urban development. We plan to build an archive pertinent to this area by paying close attention to the people living and working in our vicinity. Starting from October 2020, "Khek Dhang Ke" WeChat official account will be available, where the project progress and event information will be published on. Meanwhile, we will launch "Khek Dhang Ke": Stories, a print which will be published on a regular basis from November 2020. Please follow us on "Khek Dhang Ke" WeChat official account to find out more information!

RAM Circle

This year also witnesses the development of a new patronage program “RAM Circle”. The circle provides exclusive opportunities for supporters to the institution ranging from collectors, artists, musicians, designers, professionals to anybody who has an interest and passion in the arts. In the circle, together we look to share, learn, and most importantly connect together. During this period, some of our friends in the circle have started their own independent designer fashion store; some have their own art project and gallery space opened at the center of the contemporary art scene; some have become close friends with leading curators and emerging artists in our community; more are making steady steps towards their goal everywhere around the world. Events including private dinner, cocktail party, VIP-access talk, and studio visits are happening. Don’t miss out on it, as we look very forward to having you join the RAM family!


Meet us at RAM STATION!


A new space, “RAM Station” has recently opened to the public. This space will house a Reading Room RAM Shop. We look forward to keeping you in touch at “RAM Station”. In this new reading space, while continuing to present a selection of research material related to art practices and exhibitions histories in Southeast Asia. This will also be updated to include many new references to reflect important topics related to research initiated by the museum in relation to the formation of contemporary society. We hope everyone will be able to enjoy this public platform as an available resource as well as a relaxing space to learn and study. RAM public education department will also be resuming its activities at the “RAM Station”, with film reviews, lectures, workshops, and various other activities related to the reading room, located on the first floor of the Lyceum Building, No. 185 Yuanmingyuan Road. In addition, RAM Shop's Taobao Store has launched in June! Please do explore all RAM exclusive merchandise available on the Taobao store online!



YEAR 2021

In 2021, various projects of RAM have been planned and prepared in an orderly way, we’d like to introduce some of the projects to you: solo exhibitions with artists John Armleder, Adel Abdessemed, the filmmaker, writer, and theorist Trinh T. Minh-ha, as well as a series of programs including exhibition, seminar, workshop, and screening. Another project is CURTAIN, which will develop across different locations, formats, discursive events, and publication projects. This will include the organization of the symposium “UNDERCURRENTS” in conjunction with the Rockbund Art Museum 10th Year Anniversary Celebration. We are also happy to continue our cross-institutional collaboration with Para Site, Hong Kong. This collaboration will culminate in the first manifestation of CURTAIN as an exhibition co-curated with Para Site in Hong Kong. Additionally, Community Project will be a joint collaboration between local institutions, schools, and archaeological research teams to rethink as well as to develop insights into the surrounding urban history and contemporary life existing in the local neighborhood surrounding the Bund area where the museum is located.


Please stay CONNECTED through RAM official website and social media platforms for further information and the renovation progress. We hope that, as we keep you updated, you would keep us updated as well. Comments through any of the channels mentions are greatly appreciated!






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RAM Shop





We hope to stay closely in touch during this period of renovation. Please do continue to leave comments about interests related to the institution’s renovation and upcoming projects. We are all very much looking forward to meeting you again at the new RAM building in 2021!


Rockbund Art Museum Team

August 2020

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